Arabian Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Solid mind weed. Too many bong rips definitely gives you a mindfuck.”

  • “Absolutely amazing. We both commented that our bodies felt like we were floating. Soft smell, but the high hits you fast and hard...almost overwhelming on the first l... New favorite by far. #highgradekarma”

  • “Normally I would love to taste the flavor of buds but, this strain is a super light one. Just like some tea, it's not bitter nor sweet, you can't say it's water but it's really tasty. This is how AG tastes. However, the effect is somehow crazy. Even though I smoked some White Russian before tried this, I still felt some crazily high. If you love to be mind fuk, this would be a good choice. What is mind fuk? You ca...”

  • “A Straight Stoner! Smoked a couple blunts and I did not leave the position i was in for about 5hours.”

  • “Good overall bud, great looking.”

  • “I smoked this yesterday with a buddy of mine. at first it was a very clean and clear high but while we we're talking I really did lose my train of mind. overall it was pretty good meds”