Astroboy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A racey, rank sweet and sour fruity and grapey melon flavour. Frosty nugs with light greens to purples with bright pink pistils.”

  • “This strain is like no other. I like daytime sativas that provide a more clear headed high and there is no better one than this. Astroboy has a very light and pleasant citrus taste and smell. It has a strong and uplifting high that will hit you quickly and last a few hours. What is amazing with this strain is that you has your mind thinking very clear and creatively to take on any mental task. It's very energetic ...”

  • “just a perfect daytime strain. Like a less racey super silver haze, this provides an amazingly uplifting high that, although strong, is perfectly clear headed, making it perfect for getting stuff done, or just focusing on a good book. Works great as an anti-depressant, as well as a boost of motivation and energy, without the anxiety inducing effects that some energetic sativas bring to the table.”

  • “This strain gave a nice mellow headiness. Great daytime and morning medicine that can bring mild body relief as well as uplifting mental energy.”

  • “Strong high that will keep you active while relaxing pressure and tension in your head. Alert and meditative, this strain may benefit depression, PTSD and lack of energy. Also, may be helpful for migraines and anxiety.”

  • “Definitely one of the best morning or daytime strains for relaxation but still retaining the ability to get shit done! Great smoke and flavor with a mental clarity and energy that is second to none. I don't agree with the high paranoia rating, just not my experience.”

  • “Best daytime high. Two puffs. Massive creativity and focus. Huge for ideas and framing on large thinking problems.”

  • “Great strain for anything active or to clear the head. It’s short lived but worth the experience!”