Astroboy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A racey, rank sweet and sour fruity and grapey melon flavour. Frosty nugs with light greens to purples with bright pink pistils.”

  • “This strain gave a nice mellow headiness. Great daytime and morning medicine that can bring mild body relief as well as uplifting mental energy.”

  • “Definitely one of the best morning or daytime strains for relaxation but still retaining the ability to get shit done! Great smoke and flavor with a mental clarity and energy that is second to none. I don't agree with the high paranoia rating, just not my experience.”

  • “great high”

  • “great strain for stress love the taste 10/10”

  • “just a perfect daytime strain. Like a less racey super silver haze, this provides an amazingly uplifting high that, although strong, is perfectly clear headed, making it perfect for getting stuff done, or just focusing on a good book. Works great as an anti-depressant, as well as a boost of motivation and energy, without the anxiety inducing effects that some energetic sativas bring to the table.”

  • “good energy n still relaxing very nice strain”

  • “Heady buzz for sure. Provides exceptional energy and pain relief. Tangy, fruity taste. Pungent, fruity aroma.”