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Burmese Kush reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Burmese Kush.

Burmese Kush effects

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124 people reported 900 effects
58% of people report feeling relaxed
56% of people report feeling happy
52% of people report feeling euphoric
38% of people report feeling uplifted
28% of people report feeling hungry
Dry mouth
32% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
17% of people report feeling dry eyes
5% of people report feeling headache
5% of people report feeling paranoid
3% of people report feeling dizzy
38% of people say it helps with stress
29% of people say it helps with pain
26% of people say it helps with anxiety
25% of people say it helps with depression
22% of people say it helps with insomnia


June 29, 2015
A really nice everyday strain. Doesn't lock you into the couch, but has a good body high. Is a bit of a creeper so just wait a minute. The cerebral high lets you enjoy your mind, or anything else, quite nicely.
January 6, 2018
I love this strain, it’s my go-to nighttime strain as I find it more indica dominant. I use a vape pen from CT Pharm, CT code name (🙄) Fioraden D. Dosing low it’s consistently a very chill and mellow high. I usually don’t have any issues with anxiety with this, except once when I got a really big hit off my pen, the resulting high was intense and had me bugging a little bit until I fell asleep. So for newbies I recommend dosing low n slow with this to find that sweet spot. Besides that, it’s a great nighttime smoke to curl up and relax with and after a while it will pull me right into sleep.
July 10, 2017
All praise to the most high for this sacred herb, my new favorite strain, love the smell, the texture and how it breaks up and of course the irie it gives. Jah Rastafari Haile Selassie I Bless Up
August 11, 2016
Very good, more indica than sativa I'd say more so from the kush and thas apparent in its smell, not a super hard hitter but definitely can get you chilled out but thought provoking
April 19, 2013
relaxed and stress free, nice at night time (before bed)
August 23, 2015
Fantastic , beautiful strain. BUT you need the right pheno . Only one pheno will do, forget about anything else that pops up and bin it. Unfortunately out of 10 seeds you will get different pheno's but the true one that is buku and the one pictured by the breeders should be and should grow exactly how the breeder describes. Some pheno's take forever to flower and have fluffy buds and basically are not the true strain. The buku you want starts with big thick leaves and extremely short nodes , it's flowers easy within 8weeks of 12/12 , it even looks ready after 6weeks and can be cut at 7weeks depending on your preference. It should be a short tight plant and bud formation should be tight heavy dense and extremely frosty . You will know if you have the right pheno on your hands as its so frosty it looks like something of pure beauty that's glistening white. The buds are as hard and as dense as the hardest dense buds out there. It is also a heavy yielding plant if grown right because the weight of each individual bud makes up for what looks like lack of quantity. Topping and super cropping is a must with this strain as you need as many heavy bud sites as possible to achieve its potential . My tips with this strain would be plant extra and check early and only keep the plants with very thick leaves and possibly keep a mother as these two methods are the only way of getting a true buku . Don't just pop a seed and grow it and be disappointed with a strain that wasn't buku because if you grow the true pheno it will be a pure pleasure and it will reward you with the most frosty , heavy dense buds ever.
April 26, 2016
I'm really impressed by the effects of this strain. I enjoy sativas for my daytime activities but would like a little relaxation later in the day when I'm gearing down. Burmese really fits the bill here. I'm not looking for a classic Kush indica that'll knock me out but one that's just mellow enough to make the couch fit not adhere.
August 29, 2017
Burmese Kush is a darker brownish green color with dense medium size buds. The smoke is a little bit harsh & will cause user to cough so may not be best for those with breathing issues. If a little hacking can be handled a full bodied as well as very heady buzz will follow. Starting out both sativa & indica influences can be felt with equal ferocity. This herb is no joke leaving the person who partakes both pain free & uber stoned. After about a half hour the munchies kick in & after that the buzz goes almost completely body leading to a period of rest. There is no doubt this strain puts me into the relaxation zone every time.