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Hustler Kush reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Hustler Kush.


June 15, 2019
The Zip I managed to get was popcorny, but had a nice fresh piney-minty terpene with a candy after taste that was also a very smooth pull in my pipe...What most impressed me was HOW POTENT it was, and how long the effects lasted! Two quick sessions lasted me ALL DAY!! I "HIGHLY" RECOMMENDED THIS STRAIN!(pun intended!)
May 2, 2019
I got the one gram bag. I opened it then quickly closed it. It’s been a few hours and the smell hasn’t gone away. It’s like trichomes are tickling your nostrils.
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September 6, 2017
one of the best strains ive ever had
November 7, 2016
Never tried it but believe in the natural pharmaceutical use over FDA meds


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September 29, 2016
Good for the hustler. No sleepy side effects ( At first ) Keeps you mellow assertive and focused on daily activities
September 18, 2016
very expensive, but worth every penny. man I wish it was less expensive. $20 a gram. ;-)
August 11, 2016
Frosty green and orange hairs oh my! Not a particularly heavy hitter but this has a nice flow feeling to it. Steady building high that doesn't creep up on you so much as transforms itself into Matthew Mcconaughey. Your body feels pretty alright, you yourself will feel alright. Everything is just alright man. It won't get you a commercial and a fancy car but this stuff really fits the mellow bill and no worries attitude you may find yourself in need of. Really helpful with pain as well. I'd pinched a nerve in my back and after a bowl of this. Well yeah. Everything was just alright and I was very happy to be me and enjoying life in that moment.
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June 12, 2016
Purchased from World of Weed in Tacoma 3.5g for $50 Flower: gorgeous light green xmas tree shaped nuggets. Twisting orange hairs are throughout as well as a liberal dusting of frostiness. Smell: sweet, spicy and earthy. Fresh grass/hay. Crumble: was a looser bud than I expected at first glance. Ground up nicely but did not increase in volume like some other denser strains of indica. Burn: very even and clean. Taste: Spicy notes a little clove-like, sweet brown sugar with a piney background. Earthy and pungent. Hay and fresh cut grass at the very end. It did give me a stuffy nose and a tickle in my throat but that I can't definitively say was the medicine's fault. High: Very relaxing for the body melt. Smoked after a workout then went in the hot tub. Great decision! I was loudly proclaiming my pleasure, probably upsetting the neighbors but fuck em. Felt like a hustler! Overall Experience: 8.0-10 Good chill strain. Would've scored higher if product was flushed better, too much grassy hay taste. Also not quite as dense as I like, felt like I wasn't getting as much for my money.
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