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Pandora's Box reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box effects

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94 people reported 726 effects
Uplifted 50%
Euphoric 46%
Happy 45%
Energetic 40%
Relaxed 38%
Stress 37%
Anxiety 28%
Depression 24%
Pain 24%
Nausea 17%
Dry mouth 35%
Dry eyes 34%
Paranoid 9%
Headache 7%
Dizzy 6%


January 13, 2013
Dry eyes
I was immediately impressed by the nice, comfortable, even high this strain delivered. I had to share some with my girlfriend to see how she would react. Her first response was, "I feel all tingly, this isn't the same stuff as last time." I can't remember why but we both went into a ten minute laughing fit. Giggling like a teenager when I'm high isn't something I'm used to experiencing. So I guess I would describe the feeling as "uplifting" for the most part. I forgot to tell her that I had switched out strains on her, I hope that's not unethical. Later on I decided to go for the ceiling. I reached the point where I knew that if I went much further I would no longer be having fun. It really didn't take much to get that intense head buzz, I'll keep that in mind next time. My overall impression: this is how good pot should feel.
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October 26, 2015
Store: Human Collective II, Tigard Strain: Pandora's Box Hybrid: Sativa-dominant Hybrid Grower: Local THC Strength: 24.16% # of hits: 4-5 Onset time: 1-2 minutes Fade: 3.5 hours Aroma Profile: Hard to say since I was using a vape. Flavor Profile: Minty, grassy. If the color green has a flavor, this would be it. Pleasant. Strength: 9 out of 10 Physical or Cerebral: Cerebral Control: First hour is not one where I would want to be handling any heavy equipment! I just took a seat, sat back, and enjoyed the launch. Emotions: Really euphoric. Paranoia: None. Social Interaction: I'd recommend not trying to play a game of Jeopardy with straight people for the first 1.5 hours. Physical Actions: None to mention, very little dry mouth. I read this is due to using a vape. Maybe that's the case? Energy-level: High energy. After the launch my mind was off to the races! I stayed up longer than usual due to this. Pros: Everything about this strain was wonderful! Cons: None. Notes: Holy crap! What amazing weed! Pandora's Box is a trip! I didn't find all the evils of the world, instead I went on a wild ride through the peaks and valleys of my mind. The first hour was one big rush, the kind of rush that has you checking the clock occasionally and mumbling, "Holy crap!". The second hour was pure bliss. The third hour was a beautiful, mellow, high. The fourth hour was this wonderful, gradual descent followed by a warm mental hug. I look forward to more of this strain!
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November 10, 2011
Dry mouth
i was way past the nebula... i was light years away.....omg!!!!!!
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June 15, 2012
cheesey-jack aroma, very pleasantly pungent. Onset is happy and makes you grin. dry mouth and dry eyes soon. going onto uncontrollable giggles, almost stupefying if you have too much of this one. makes for enjoyable, rough sex. one of my favorite strains. i wish more places carried this strain; and even one phenotype is not good enough! the hype that it has no ceiling is definitely true - and it's uncomfortable if you pass a certain boundary with this one lol. toke responsibly my friends. This sativa-hybrid is no joke! I feel sorry for that reviewer below me, must've gotten a bad batch.
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February 22, 2014
All around great! Helps with my motivation issues by making me actually want to get stuff done!!! I used a whole box of trimmings from my caregiver and made ETOH Tincture and Coconut Oil Extraction for cooking. I have used it every day for the last 6 weeks. If I use the oil, all I do is cook with it, or if I'm not cooking I just let about a teaspoon of it melt in my mouth, and then swish and swallow. I get a full 6 hours of relief from the coconut oil. If I am going to be "on the go" I take a dropper bottle of tincture with me. 1-5ml depending on pain level and bi-polar depression level will get me about 2-3 hours of relief. I brought the ETOH extraction on vacation. No problems with security in either Boston, Atlanta, or Melbourne FL.
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March 15, 2015
I'm a very heavy medical user. This is a very nice day time weed. It does smell like cheese in the bag/jar with a sour pungent smell along with it. Pleasant tasting. Uplifting and almost "refreshing" up front and then very, very slow to feel the full effects. But, oh so nice once it all kicks in. I feel good, uplifted and hungry. My pain is GONE, and I haven't even hit the pain meds yet today. It took a good half a joint to do it, along with some of the trichomes at the bottom of the grinder (Yum. my favorite part). But, the effects are wonderful and my mind and body are ready to go do whatever- work or play.
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January 30, 2013
This is the Bee's Knee's
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July 5, 2011
Dry eyes
Many years ago the most powerful magic recipe was locked away to protect humanity from the devastating power, locked inside a combination of genetics that only a team of Uber-stoners would have the power to harness. This strain is very stable and we are very excited about the yields we have seen. The first plants I saw grown in a hydro hut grown by a newbie grower were literally sagging with huge glass like buds and the buzz is up, speedy, very shit eating grin and smiling like a Cheshire cat like high. It’s a bit smoother than JTR and has a different feel in the head less haze influence. I can’t tell where the ceiling is as every bowl I smoke I seem to get a bit higher until the point my vision blurs. Not for light weights. I can’t stop grinning when I smoke this weed. * Phenotypes: Large Triangle shaped glass covered rock hard buds are all we see. * Height: Wide thick sweeping arms with weighted colas that need support after 50 days/medium * Yield: For a strain of this potency I think this thing yields like crazy. * Indoor has only been tested so far * Best way to grow: Topped and bound/Vegged to a large bush * Harvest Window: 9 weeks * Sativa/Indica: 60/40 * Hybrid: Jack the Ripper X Space Queen * High type: Zooming, Happy, Grinning, anti depressant BIGTIME! * Smells: It taste like NL5 to me but its very industrial with a slight citrus taste and a undertone of spice and hash One female has been named Cherry Lethal lemonade.
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