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Truro Cannabis is a privately-owned licensed cannabis producer located in the hub of Truro, Nova Scotia. Truro Cannabis has two values that direct their business decisions; "if we won't consume it, we won't sell it" and "we can always improve". Truro Cannabis is continually striving to ensure that each harvest and finished product is better than the last.

Truro Cannabis's roots come for the traditional legacy cannabis markets. They have an experienced grow team and a genetic seed bank database of over 250 different lineages, including many legacy craft cultivars.

A key component of Truro's commitment to quality is the use of 100% recyclable Nitrotin aluminum cans for several dried flower products and Bubble Hash. Nitrotin packaging utilizes a purge of liquid nitrogen and hermetic seal to preserve the moisture content, quality, and terpene profile.

All Truro Cannabis pre-rolls are produced from 100% whole flower of our best batches, milled to perfection, then hand-weighed and hand-packaged in 100% recyclable tubes.

Truro uses Canadian Lumber cones for their pre-rolls, which are all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached - allowing for a smooth and slow-burning experience. Every aspect of the cone is all-natural: the typical glue seal was replaced with an Arabic Gum Seal - triple distilled tree sap sources from a conflict-free region of West Africa.

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  • NS, CA: LIC-Q48XJ9WIH6-2022