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Critical Mass Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I currently have a brain tumor and this was recommended to help as it had a high cbd and wasn't too high of a thc for me being new to the game( and obviously unwell) I also currently have been suffering from a horrible speech impediment that sounded like a female Forest Gump/stroke patient and I had had that problem from the tumor. I took two small hits off this strain and for four hours my completely normal speech ...”

  • “If you have a couch, you will be on it,doing something that will seem way more fun than it should be.”

  • “Very strong body high for LONG time. Smoked a joint with a friend, and was tripping for a good hour and a half. The body high makes you feel everything around you and gives a slight feeling of dizziness, but not very serious. Some mind high as well. There was one moment in which I was eating chips and felt like I could see them inside my mouth and kept imagining different scenarios in which the chips were being ch...”

  • “CRITICAL MASS - Indica Dominant Very high in both THC and CBD Buds were very beautiful, fresh, and my nose thanked them for the sweet smell they gave off. Smoked out of a glass Chillum- Was not expecting the taste and flavor that this Indica gave off as the smell of the buds themselves mislead me, a very interesti...”

  • “CBD is truly the ting to THCs yang. It adds POWERFUL painkiller to what indicas normally would have. It wipes my IBS symptoms out PERIOD! Great for wiping out / minimizing physical and intractable pain. With the high, it's chronic!! Hits the head hard! CBD adds an interesting effect when you space out. CBD removes munchies and paranoia. Strong body high BUT CBD adds interesting effect, normally couch lock hard, but t...”

  • “This "dirt weed" as some one very ignorant person said in a popular review, is some of the best medicine around. I'm assuming he used the term "dirt weed" because it's a cross of Afghani and Skunk 1, two very old school strains. in actuality the flavor is very "classic" and pleasent, VERY earthy and kushy with very slight hints of Diesal and berry. The high is soothing and relaxing, a really sleepy chilled out hig...”

  • “Holy shit dude i love this strain, this strain is one of my new personal favorites. it has a nice sweet earthy taste. And also very smelly, but smells good. The high from this in a intense indica high, best i ever had!!! I HIGHLY recommend.”

  • “11💜s..CHRONIC HEALTH THERAPUTIC OINTMENT!..My Bliss balm! I suffer from Chronic Arthritis Pain & am soo grateful for the deep Relief this TOPICAL is providing me. The synergistic properties are truelly MAGICAL!!..since applying, my Sleep is much improved & my daytime hours are more productive...Thank you, Marjoe of YHS for a real game-changing recommendation😍. I HighLy suggest to All my cann-FRIENDS who suffer fro...”