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(Courtesy of 710 Labs)

The time 7:10pm and the day July 10th are times to celebrate all things relating to dabbing and oil—”710″ spells “OIL” upside down and backward. 710 is to dab culture and hash oil what 420 is to cannabis culture in general, just like the time 4:20pm and the day April 20th celebrate all things cannabis.

“I smoked a cross joint on 420, but for 710 I plan to dab a one gram snake.”

“I got so high on 7/10 I didn’t wake up until the 12th.”

Where does 710 come from?

The concept of 710 traces its origin to a TinyChat chat room where rapper Taskrok was having a virtual dab session with some high-ranking members of the cannabis community back in 2010. The first publication of anything about 710 was on TokeCity on July 10th, 2011, followed quickly by an updated definition in Urban Dictionary, a post on Marijuana.com in 2012, and even an article in LA Weekly in 2013.

As with 420, it took some sleuthing to figure out who first coined the term “710” when referencing cannabis oil, and in 2015, Mitchell Colbert spoke to Taskrok for a Leaf Online, confirming this origin story. Despite his major role in creating 710, Taskrok is “of the strong opinion that none of the group members should make any attempt to lay claim to it. I wanted it to grow as a natural grassroots campaign.”

While rumors have circulated online that the roots of 710 go much deeper in cannabis culture, and like 420, extend all the way back to the Grateful Dead, those rumors have not panned out. It is true that the Grateful Dead lived at 710 Ashbury in San Francisco, and it is true that members of the Grateful Dead and other people in their orbit were using hash oil at the time, but multiple sources have been clear that no one used 710 to refer to hash oil at the Grateful Dead house. 

Why is 710 important?

710 is a signifier for the influential, high-THC, cannabis subculture of dabbing and oil. July 10th has become a marketing highlight in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.