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Worker Bee E-Nail
The Bee e-nail.

An e-nail is an “electronic nail” used for heating and inhaling high-THC cannabis extracts, or dabs. Instead of using an open flame to heat up a nail (a piece on a dab rig where cannabis concentrates are vaporized), e-nails electronically heat concentrates, allowing dabbers to select and maintain a desired temperature, leading to safer, more consistent dabs.

“I keep my e-nail set to 475 degrees because I like low-temp dabs.”

“We’ve been using that e-nail all day, where’d you get it?”

What is an e-nail?

An e-nail is a piece of specialty smoking equipment for dabbers consuming high-THC cannabis concentrates. Electronic nails replace open flames as the source of heat for dabbing cannabis oil.

Typically, a nail, which is an attachment on a dab rig, is heated with a torch until it’s red hot, and cannabis extracts are places in a nail. Instead, and e- nail is an attachment placed either directly on the dab rig or on a nail, which heats up electronically to dab concentrates. E-nails can plug into the wall or have a battery.

E-nail benefits

E-nails get rid of the need for butane or torches, which saves money, and is safer because you won’t have to handle a torch. Getting rid of butane and the cans they come in is also much better for the environment. 

E-nails also give you complete control over the temperature of your dabs, allowing you to dial it in incrementally. You can use lower temperatures to maximize terpenes or a higher temperature to decarboxylate more THC.

E-nails also allow you to maintain a consistent temperature—you won’t have to heat and reheat the nail, as with a torch.

Daniel De Sailles, the owner of Top Shelf Extracts and a founder of the Secret Cup, credits Taskrok, the rapper who helped coin the term 710, with creating the first E-nail and carb caps

How to use an e-nail

Using an e-nail is similar, and simpler, to using a regular nail. Select the temperature you want to dab at, and wait for the e-nail to reach that temperature. Drop your dab of concentrate onto your e-nail and use a carb cap if you have one, just like you would on a traditional nail heated by a torch. After your e-nail has cooled down, clean it with rubbing alcohol.