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A small, thin joint, often chastised or mocked for its size and small amount of marijuana. Pinners are so named because they look like sewing pins.  

“This pinner doesn’t contain enough weed to get me high.”

What is a pinner?

A pinner is a small, thinly rolled joint. Smokers usually roll them because their stash is low or they haven’t mastered how to roll a full joint yet. People can roll pinners if they only want a small amount of weed too. 

Unlike a mini or “dogwalker” joint, which are a normal width but short in length, pinners are thin, often rolled with a standard 1¼” paper but with cannabis spread out. If using a crutch or filter, the filter may be wider in circumference than the pinner. Pinners usually have a lot more paper compared to flower and may be harsh. Pinners are ideal for new smokers or people with a low tolerance. 

How do I avoid rolling a pinner?

Most smokers have rolled a pinner in their lifetime, even unintentionally. Rolling machines can help you roll a joint if you’re not too experienced, and pre-rolled cones are available that just require marijuana to be ground up and packed in. Also, pre-rolls are popular and affordable in legal states, but they are often composed of trim. 

Rolling by hand without a rolling machine takes practice. Leafly’s rolling guide will have you rolling bats in no time.