Pull ‘n’ snap

A cannabis concentrate with a taffy-like consistency. Pull ‘n’ snap is more malleable than shatter but thicker than oil.

“Pull ‘n’ snap is just as potent as shatter but easier to work with.”

What is pull ‘n’ snap?

Pull ‘n’ snap is a cannabis concentrate created using a chemical solvent such as butane or propane in a closed-loop system to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. After extraction, the concentrate product is dewaxed to purge out any remaining lipids, creating a concentrate with a taffy-like consistency. 

Pull ‘n’ snap vs. rosin

Due to starting material and pressing methods, some rosins settle into a similar taffy-like consistency similar to pull ‘n’ snap. Bur despite visual and textural similarity, pull ‘n’ snap and rosin differ in their extraction methods: Pull ‘n’ snap is usually created using solvents, whereas rosin is made without solvents. Due to the lack of chemical solvents, rosin usually contains more plant matter than pull ‘n’ snap and will vaporize better at a lower temperature.