Rolling papers

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A rolling paper is a thin piece of paper used to envelop ground-up cannabis flower into a joint. Most rolling papers are made out of wood pulp like regular paper, but they can also be made out of hemp, rice, and flax. Rolling papers come in different sizes, such as singles, 1 ¼, 1 ½, wide, king, etc., and can also be infused with flavors, e.g., grape, cherry, chocolate, etc. They are generally sold in cardboard packs. 

“I need to pick up some rolling papers at the corner store.”

“These hemp rolling papers burn cleaner than regular ones.” 

What are rolling papers?

Rolling papers have a long history. Dating back to the middle of the 17th century, they were originally created in France by the Lacroix family. Paper was not always readily available to the general public, so instead of using paper from valuable publications, rolling papers became a popular option for those that wanted to enjoy cigarettes.

Papers and packaging continued to develop throughout the centuries, and eventually flavored papers became a possibility. Advances in packaging have made it so papers can be transported and stored safely without fear of deterioration, and today, you can find rolling papers created from a number of different materials, flavors, and packaging. 

How to use rolling papers

Cannabis is ground up in a grinder, placed evenly in a rolling paper, and rolled up. The joint is then sealed by licking the adhesive on the end of the rolling paper, and one end is usually twisted closed. Sometimes a crutch is incorporated into a side of the joint, keeping the end open so smoke can easily pass through the joint. Crutches also provide structural support to a joint. 

Rolling papers can also be combined to construct more elaborate joints, such as cross joints, scorpion joints, or braided joints. Regardless of name or construction, light the end and inhale from the opposite side. A well-constructed joint will have a smooth draw and provide ample smoke.

Pre-made cones have become a popular choice for people looking to enjoy a joint but might not have the skills to roll one. A cone is a rolling paper that tapers down to a crutch. Simply fill the cone with ground-up cannabis flower and twist the top; no rolling required. 

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