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The best last-minute weed gift ideas for the holidays

It’s a classic scenario. You find yourself within days (or hours) of seeing a special stoner someone, and you forgot to get a gift. Lucky for you, we’ve got the last-minute weed gift ideas that show the weed lover in your life just how much you care.

These last-minute ideas can be ordered on Amazon Prime, DIY-ed, or sourced from local businesses in a couple of days or just twenty minutes before you’re responsible for showing up with a dazzling gift.

Clearly, there’s no time to waste, so let’s get to it!

1. Create a DIY cleaning kit

cotton swabs on a purple background

Where there is flower or concentrate, there is ash or resin to follow. If there is someone in your life that enjoys cannabis in one of these formats, you can make a DIY cleaning kit for them that will 100% come in handy.

For this last-minute weed gift idea, recycle a box or basket and fill it with these common items that you can find in your local drug or general store.

To create the DIY cleaning kit, you’ll need:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Quart or gallon-sized disposable bags or reusable, sealable bags for soaking
  • Isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher)
  • Vinegar
  • Disposable gloves (make sure your friend doesn’t have allergies to latex!)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A small, sanitized glass container with lid (or try a recycled 3.5g or 7g flower jar)
  • Coarse salt

For sustainable and chemically-conscious stoners, leave out the disposables and choose vinegar and salt over iso. You can also place the kit items in a bowl or container large enough for your loved one to soak their beloved glass right inside.

2. Buy their favorite weed products

Hear me out. If you know somebody loves weed, get them some weed. Receiving gifts is one of the love languages for a reason, and you don’t have to be shy about knowing what your loved one likes if time’s ticking down.

Do you know their favorite strain? Get it for them. Or start your loved one on their path exploring our top 100 marijuana strains and gift them strains from the list all year round.

Bonus points if you learn how to roll a joint and pre-roll some j’s with love.

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

3. Make homemade edibles

Holiday cookie tray with bakers twine ready for gift wrapping

There is a wide range of homemade, cannabis-infused, edible gifts you can make for your special someone in a day or less as a last-minute weed gift.

From infusing local honey to help with seasonal sniffles to baking an infused version of their favorite cookie recipe with cannabutter, there are a variety of ways to show someone that you care; and that you want them to have a sublime time celebrating whatever holidays they choose.

Even if your final gift looks like a strong contender for Nailed It, it’s the thought (and the infusion) that counts.

4. Make a cannabutter board.

Speaking of edibles, have you considered making someone (or a group of someones) you love a cannabutter board? Butterboards became all the rage in 2022, and Leafly has the perfect recipe to help you put a dank touch on this party-pleasing gift.

How to make the perfect holiday cannabutter board

5. Find something unique at a nearby head shop.

Various types of glass smoking pipes on bright green background

Have you ever been to your local head shop?  The odds of you finding glass pieces and other accessories that support ~the lifestyle~ are incredibly high. These highly-individualized businesses could be the last-minute weed gift haven you’ve been looking for all along.

Just be cool when you’re shopping, and refrain from using cannabis-specific terminology within the store. It’s important that everyone abides by state law in these spaces for the safety of the business and consumers. Remember: these businesses are not dispensaries.

6. Download and print a coloring book.

Eeek! It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty, and you don’t know what to give the fun-loving, creative cannabis consumer in your life. What if you fire up your printer and download a digital coloring book as a last-minute gift?

A personalized coloring book is a playful way to acknowledge your friend or family member’s love of art, and it gives them a fun activity to do while they are elevated. Purchase and print the pages that remind you of them – and don’t forget the colored pencils!

Bonus last-minute idea for artsy types: DIY puff and paint

Head to the art store and gather supplies for a DIY puff and paint night. You’ll need paint, canvases, drop cloths, and a formal request for quality time with the special someone to pull it off.

7. Make a DIY “game face” kit.

chewing gum and the wrapping foil on white

Help out your friend who stays stoned with a DIY “game face” kit.

This kit will help them feel fresh, moisturized, and free from cottonmouth at any moment’s notice. And almost all of the items can be picked up at a pharmacy or small store in your neighborhood.

Collect the following items for this last-minute weed gift idea meant to help cannabis cuties put on a game face, keep people out of their business, and effortlessly float in and right back out of anti-cannabis spaces.

  • Eye drops
  • Small, natural, or petroleum-based skin protectant for hands and lips
  • Breath mints or strips
  • Gum
  • Individual packets of electrolytes or hydration multiplier powder
  • Mini facial mist or mini spray container (if you’d like to make your own mist to give)
  • Fruit snack packets or individually-wrapped candy
  • Mini fabric refresher spray
  • Bonus: a safe, full-spectrum CBD tincture (if you have the time and budget)

Place these items in a reusable gift bag, basket, or aesthetically-pleasing pouch that your special stoner can keep near them at all times, and BOOM – you’ve given the toker you love something to help them continue on in their canna-comfortable life in the public eye.

8. Book a 420-friendly getaway

Even a local staycation feels luxurious when you don’t have to worry about your Airbnb host or hotel manager penalizing you for bringing cannabis along.

Rental sites like Bud and Breakfast and Hibnb help you find local accommodations that welcome some skunky funk with check-in. They don’t offer accommodations in every state, so check the local laws before booking. If your budget can’t accommodate a long trip away, try taking your beloved stoner to a weed lounge for a fun, one-day experience.

Have some bud with your breakfast: the best 420 friendly BnBs

9. A pot-tery class for making their own accessories

Man painting handmade pottery at ceramic workshop.

Can’t afford Seth Rogen’s Houseplant line? Well, why not make your own?

Cannabis and pottery go hand in hand—you’re making something with your own hands, from natural materials, that takes patience and care to come to life.

Whether it’s their own version of a gloopy ashtray or a homemade vase bong for their next sesh, a pottery class will help you special person unwind and ground themselves as we stroll into 2023 and beyond.

10. Get a gift from Amazon Prime

The good thing about Amazon Prime is that you can get gifts delivered fast. Here are some ideas that you can order online and receive in just a few days to give to someone special.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Best wishes and happy holidays from Leafly!

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Amelia Williams and Janessa Bailey

New York-based freelance cannabis journalist Amelia Williams is a graduate of San Francisco State University's journalism program, and a former budtender.

Janessa Bailey is an editor at Leafly, born and raised in the Midwest. She enjoys exploring how weed ties into everyday life and rarely turns down an edible.

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