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7 new Canadian cannabis concentrates

Published on January 14, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Concentrates are favourites for heavy cannabis consumers.

Concentrates, also known as extracts, include high potency products like resin, hash, and kief, which can offer the best bang for your buck in terms of getting a heavy, fast-acting high.

With all cannabis consumption, the idea of “start low and go slow” is a good rule to follow, especially with concentrates.

If you’re planning on using concentrates, keep in mind that as per the Cannabis Act, Canadian adults can carry up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis on their person in public, which equals 7.5 grams of concentrates, be it solid or liquid.

Similar to topicals, concentrates haven’t been hyped as much as other Legalization 2.0 products, like weed-infused drinks and food, but they’re sure to be a go-to among niche consumers.

These are seven new Canadian concentrates you can buy this year.

Canna Farms BC Bubble Hash

Maker: Canna Farms, a subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis
Dose: 50% to 65% THC
Price: Approx. $36 per 1 g unit, prices vary by province

Canna Farms concentrates are all solvent-free and use an ice water extraction method, which means they keep more of the terpenes and flavour intact. The Bubble Hash boasts 500 to 650 mg of THC per unit 1 g unit.

Canna Farms BC Live Rosin and Hash Rosin

Maker: Canna Farms, a subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis
Dose: 60% to 85% THC
Price: Approx. $43 per 0.5 g unit, prices vary by province

Like the BC Bubble Hash, Canna Farms BC Live Rosin as well as its Hash Rosin are both solventless and don’t use heat-dry methods. The Live Rosin is literally that: a rosin that uses fresh (live) flower throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Canna Farms BC Kief

Maker: Canna Farms, a subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis
Dose: 25% to 35% THC
Price: Approx. $22 to $25 per 1 g unit, prices vary by province

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Canna Farms BC Kief is a terpene-rich cannabis powder, typically made from Pink Kush or GSC, produced in the company’s Hope, BC facility. It’s sold on the Canna Farm’s medical website, though Canna Farms concentrates are available for adult-use in Saskatchewan and Manitoba now, and expected to be available in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick soon.

Fireside X Wax and Shatter

Maker: ABcann Medicinals
Dose: 65% to 75%+ THC
Price: Starting from approx. $45 per 1 g unit, prices vary by province and product

ABcann, a subsidiary of Ontario-based VIVO Cannabis, is launching both its wax and shatter offerings in Ontario, BC, Alberta, and New Brunswick in early February. The wax product is derived from the brand’s Sensi Star flower, while the shatter uses Fireside’s Wappa strain and is ideal for dab rigs, concentrate pens or mixed with dried flower in a joint.

JWC Hash & Rosin

Maker: James E. Wagner Cultivation
Dose: TBA
Price: TBA

JWC has developed both a hash and rosin product and both will be sold in 1 g units, made exclusively from JWC-grown product. The hash will be around 50% THC/CBD and the rosin, 70% THC/CBD. All products have an anticipated launch of mid-January and into February 2020.

San Rafael 71 Sugar Wax

Maker: San Rafael 71
Price & Dose: TBA

In the months to come, San Rafael ‘71 will introduce sticky, opaque Sugar Wax delivering a high terpene profile, strong aroma and “hearty dose of THC” for all your dabbing exploits.

San Rafael 71 Live Resin

Maker: San Rafael 71
Price & Dose: TBA

San Raf will also bring their Live Resin offering to market “soon,” which is made by extracting fresh flower and preserving just its terpenes. Expect a strong and sticky resin with potency lasting “for hours.”

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