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America’s tastiest holiday edibles ’22

Published on November 15, 2022 · Last updated November 23, 2022
Step aside, 4/20 and 7/10. November 9th, aka 11/9, or ‘11-oh-9’ rang in a new national edibles day.
Step aside, 4/20 and 7/10. November 9th, aka 11/9, or ‘11-oh-9’ rang in a new national edibles day. (Leafly, Courtesy CANN, Left-Handed, Kiva, Heavenly Sweet)

The holidays can dish out as many headaches as heartwarming moments, but here’s one reason to give thanks: Prices for weed edibles keep falling.

Average edible prices declined 30% in Michigan and 13.5% in Massachusetts this year, analytics firm Headset reported last month. Legal THC remains deflationary. We’ll cheers to that.

Whether you’re a boomer giving your lungs a break, or a bohemian tripping the astral plane—it’s time to vibe out, couch-melt, and enjoy some best-selling, delectable THC gummies, chocolates, caramels, and cookies. 

Seen it all? Live a little with Leafly’s list of weird new concoctions like cranberry drinks, infused gravy, baking ingredients, hot peanuts, and pretzels.

There are about 575 edibles brands in the US, which just boggles the mind. Leafly’s experts dug into their review bags for these 13 can’t-fail edibles picks from across the US.

And remember—the Wednesday before Thanksgiving—Green Wednesday—pops off at your local shop. Early bird gets the gummy worm. Start a bag for delivery today.

Product reviewers: David Downs, Amelia Williams, Dante Jordan


Rosin gummies from Dee Thai

Dee is the Thai word for good. $19/100 mg; Sold in CA. (Courtesy Dee Thai)
‘Dee’ is the Thai word for ‘good.’ $19/100 mg; Sold in CA. (Courtesy Dee Thai)

Giving the gift of edibles? Dee Thai gummies are delicious and boast unique flavors while making the body feel nice and relaxed. Founder Josh Schmidt comes from a big, respected farm, Natura, and the year-old California recreational brand keeps racking up wins. Dee Thai currently offers six staple flavors: pineapple, guava, jackfruit, mango, lychee, and mangosteen. A tamarind-flavored gummy gets the most hype for the RS11 rosin, in collaboration with Doja Pak. 

Dee Thai’s treats are vegan, pectin-based, gluten-free, and solventless. Schmidt likes rosin, versus cheaper alternatives like distillate. The brand’s goal? Strain-specific medicine for relaxation. Hash rosin edibles eaters report a more deep, multifaceted body high. “We’re trying to chase the [cannabutter] high.” Dee Thai gummies are in 70 California stores, including most STIIIZY stores, and the weed delivery app Eaze. Look out for future Dee Thai collaborations with Fidels, Your Highness, and Lola Holistic.

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🔒Pro tip: Label and lock up edibles to keep grandparents, children, and pets away from infused foods (and a potential trip to the emergency room.)

Good Tide rosin gummies by Wyld

Keep it clean and green: Carbon-neutral Good Tide packaging contains no plastics. $19.78/100 mgs; Sold in CO, OR, and CA. (Courtesy Wyld)
Keep it clean and green: Carbon-neutral Good Tide packaging contains no plastics. $19.78/100 mgs; Sold in CO, OR, and CA. (Courtesy Wyld)

America loves its edibles in the form of squishy, colorful gummies. Gummies comprise seven in 10 edibles sold, and best-selling Wyld dominates. New this season—Wyld’s Good Tide hash rosin fruity gummies. We think hash rosin reigns supreme as the best THC source for edibles. It’s the pure, unadulterated essence of cannabis, and gets you closer to a full-spectrum high. Fight wintry blues with these tropical vegan gummies in mango, guava, and pineapple.

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Georgia Peach Marmalade bites by Marma

$6.75/100 mgs; Sold in CA, WA. (Courtesy Marmas)
$6.75/100 mgs; Sold in CA, WA. (Courtesy Marmas)

Biting into a Marma isn’t like a normal edible—they’re confectioner-quality and firm, yet give way to a bite, unlike rubbery gummies made with gelatin. Marmas came out of Washington and are making waves in California this season. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and now available in live resin blue raspberry, Georgia peach, and sour watermelon flavors. Unlike distillate, live resin extract offers brighter, more diverse flavors, thanks to live resin’s fresh-frozen flower source. 

Toci Treats by The People’s Ecosystem

New for Danksgiving, the BIPOC-led People’s Ecosystem Toci Treats. Price N/A / 100 mgs; Sold in CA. (Courtesy The People’s Ecosystem)
New for Danksgiving, the BIPOC-led People’s Ecosystem Toci Treats. Price N/A / 100 mgs; Sold in CA. (Courtesy The People’s Ecosystem)

The People’s Ecosystem’s new Toci Treats are made with Peanut Butter Soufflé live resin and taste like passionfruit at 10 mg a pop. WTF is a Toci Treat? They’re just starting to hit California stores, and they’re based off of edibles tech from Day Three Labs (developed in Colorado and Israel.)

Toci Treats doesn’t use an oil-based emulsion like lots of other edibles. They employ a protein instead. Day Three Labs co-founder Josh Rubin says the formula hits faster and closer to the high of smoking. Smoking hits in 90 seconds, while eating can take 90 minutes.

Poached Pear Gummies from Rose Los Angeles

$45 / 200 mg CBD. Sold in CA and online nationwide. (Courtesy Rose LA)
$45 / 200 mg CBD. Sold in CA and online nationwide. (Courtesy Rose LA)

Open your palate to a new world of smoky, sweet, and spicy with these Turkish delight-inspired artisanal gummies by Rose Los Angeles CBD in collaboration with Chef Enrique Olvera of Pujol Mexican restaurant. They’re vegan, pear-based, and poached in mezcal with homemade chili powder and hemp rosin. No THC buzz here. Each piece contains 10 mg CBD (with 20 pieces total) plus three other weed molecules that promote chilling out—CBN, CBG, and THCV.

Sour Blue Razzberry gummies from incredibles

$12.50-$15 / 100 mg THC and 100mg CBN. Sold in CO, IL, MD, MA, NV, VG, OH. (Courtesy incredibles)
$12.50-$15 / 100 mg THC and 100 mg CBN. Sold in IL. (Courtesy incredibles)

Another big cannabis chain, Green Thumb Industries, has its edibles brand incredibles pumping out serviceable sours in Illinois. They’re really chewy and satisfying to bite into, with a tart blue raspberry sour taste and pretty standard distillate THC backnote. Eat these with food, lest you overdo it. The THC and CBG mix should keep things jolly for your winter festivities. Also comes in Sour Cherry Tart and Super Sour Apple Pucker.

More gummies? Yes, please. See also: Kiva Camino sours, Lost Farm chews; Space Gem Sweet Sleepy Fig; Plus unwind


Coffee Caramel Rosin Chocolate Bar by CAMP

$20.49 / 100 mg. Sold in NV. (Courtesy CAMP)
$20.49 / 100 mg. Sold in NV. (Courtesy CAMP)

Chocolate lovers can get their edibles with rosin now, too, in Nevada. CAMP’s Coffee Caramel Rosin Chocolate Bar uses sustainable, Belgian chocolate hand-crafted in strain specific batches. That’s different from many basic distillates, which are a mix of different strains. CAMP’s founding chefs, Becky Quan and Ricky McCormick, are culinary veterans on the Las Vegas Strip. The launch batch uses rosin extracted from LA Kush Cake #6—one of Leafly’s most arousing strains of 2022. Stoke that fire, roll out the bear rug, and let these melt in your mouth.

Select Cosmic Caramel X Bites

$N/A / 100mg bag. Sold in Maine, Michigan. (Courtesy Select)
$N/A / 100 mg. Sold in Maine, Michigan. (Courtesy Select)

Big cannabis chain Curaleaf blankets the country in its new limited-edition seasonal Cosmic Caramel Select X Bites this winter. Each festive bite hits after 30 to 45 minutes and contains 10mg of THC—perfect for maintaining your patience and sense of mirth on those long holiday outings. Maine and Michigan get them first, then Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts and Missouri.


Korova Mint Chocolate Mini-Dip

You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less. [$20 / 100 mgs. Sold in CA, OR. (Courtesy Korova)
You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less. $20 / 100 mg. Sold in CA, OR. (Courtesy Korova)

California edibles brand Korova set the bar for potency in the medical weed heyday. Amid adult-use weed legalization, it still holds its own with new stuff like gummies, but also classics like the Korova Mint Chocolate Mini-Dip in Chocolate Chip Dip, Mint Dip, and Peanut Butter Dip. Each mini packs unrivaled potency—100 mg THC. 

“Gram for gram, these new Mini Dips edibles are nearly as potent as the infamous 1,000MG THC Black Bar,” Korova states. A cookie cutting chart on the back of the package helps out novices.

See also: Big Pete’s Sugar Cookies (sold in CA); Bubby’s Baked snickerdoodle (MD, MI, DE, MO).

Gravy, drinks, baking ingredients, and popcorn

Turkey Gravy Mix from Kiva

$5 / 10 mg. Sold in CA. (Courtesy Kiva)
$5 / 10 mg. Sold in CA. (Courtesy Kiva)

Buttery, rich, savory flavors of rosemary, thyme, and oregano make this infused Turkey Gravy Mix from Kiva a hit at Friendsgiving. Boil some water, tear open the packet, mix, and—boom! Thanksgiving chit-chat just got more bearable. Shoutout to market leader Kiva for taking a risk on a rare savory edible, and a baking mix at that. Kiva founder Kristi Palmer said the gravy gets folks high while still avoiding sweets. “The gravy is such an accessible way to introduce people to cannabis. I hope it helps people connect, laugh, and enjoy the moment.”

Cranberry Sage drink from Cann

Cann cran sage comes in 8-oz 6-packs ($24), 12-oz Hi Boys, drink mixes called Roadies, and 30-dose Bottle ($42.90) Sold in CA, MA, RI, NV, IL, and Canada. (Courtesy Cann)
Cann cran sage comes in 8-oz 6-packs ($24), 12-oz Hi Boys, Roadie drink mixes, and a 30-dose Bottle ($42.90) Sold in CA, MA, RI, NV, IL, and Canada. (Courtesy Cann)

It’s tart, it’s herbaceous, it’s hip—Cann’s holiday cran sage drink is basically the bada$$, nose-pierced Gen Z barista we’re over-tipping. Cann runs the drinks game out of California with its Goop-approved, little, microdose cans of on-trend drink flavors. Enjoy a hangover and regret-free Cali sober Christmas on these 2 mg THC drinks with 4 mg CBD. Even newbies “could have three or four of these over the course of a day” without adverse effects, said Cann CEO Jake Bullock.

See also: HiFi Sessions x Lagunitas x Absolute Xtracts – HiFi Hoppy Chill; Keef Cola Root Beer.

Infused salt, sugar, or ramen from Left-Handed

20 packs of infused sugar cost $13 and contain 100 mg. Sold in WA, MA. (Courtesy Left-Handed)
$13 / 100 mg. Contains 20 packets. Sold in WA, MA. (Courtesy Left-Handed)

Go on an adventure in your own kitchen with Left-Handed’s infused baking ingredients—sugars and spices spiked with 10 mg THC per pack. Skip the mystery cannabutter overdose spirit journey with these precision-tested packets of sugar, sugar and cinnamon, salt, or ramen. The sugar helps sweeten up the perfect loco hot coco. The salt can spice up a slice of turkey. Use caution actually baking with Left-Handed pre-activated THC. Too much heat (above 300ºF) will burn the high right out of the mix.

See also: Self-Baked DIYcannabis-infused brownies and cookies.

Kringle’s Krunch popcorn from Heavenly Sweet

We gettin' reindeer-high: $24 / 100 mg. Sold in CA. (Courtesy Heavenly Sweet)
We gettin’ Santa’s reindeer-high. $24 / 100 mg. Sold in CA. (Courtesy Heavenly Sweet)

Red, white and green is the color palette as we enter November, and now, your treats can match your festive front lawns and living rooms. Heavenly Sweet’s Kringle Krunch cinnamon and white chocolate-infused popcorn bites allow you to microdose your way through the New Year. Each piece of popcorn contains 1 mg in a 100 mg total package. Founder Sheila Dedenbach said they’re “a delicious combination between cinnamon hot and the sweet creaminess [of] white chocolate that would be absolutely beautiful in a bowl” displayed with the other hors d’oeuvres at your upcoming party. 

See also: Real Deal Resin Hasher Snacks Honey-Roasted Chipotle Peanuts (CA); Red Hot Riplets (MO); Uncle Snoop’s Snazzle-O’s from TSUMo Snacks (CA); High Life Farms Nuggies chocolate-covered pretzel bites (MI, CA.)

Check, please!

We’re stuffed on edibles for this post and totally flying. See you at our next holiday guide later this month.

What’s the best thing to do on edibles? Sleep? Spin vinyl? Comment below.

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