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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Gifts for a golden Hanukkah

Published on November 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
cannabis gifts for Hanukkah
Photos by Jesse Milns

Fried foods and candlelight are an invitation to wonder and delight, and you know what pairs perfectly with wonder and delight? Cannabis! So do these golden accessories, which are sure to add extra sparkle to any Hanukkah—or Chronikkuh—festivities.

48North F8 Liv Grinder

Eight nights is long enough to get tired of busting buds with a grimy old grinder card, but this stunner will still feel golden long after the last candle has burned down.

48North F8 Liv Grinder, $120

spliff shot
Spliff Shot Single Odourless Cannabis Cartridge

Sure, you can carry your joints around in a plastic baggie like a schmuck, or you can class them up already with this doob tube made from used rifle casings collected in British Columbia. Good for prerolls, its pressure-sealed cartridge will also snuff the cherry on a lit joint and trap its scent until you’re ready to resume your sesh.

Spliff Shot Single, $18

Tokyo Smoke Keychain Storage

No mere tchatchke, this gold vessel will hold your buds or cannabis capsules, accompanying you from the first spin of the dreidel to the last nosh of latke and back again, in style.

Tokyo Smoke Keychain Storage, $25

parkdale brass
The Brockton pipe

The lid on this sleek brass pipe from Toronto’s Parkdale Brass is basically gelt for grownups. Whether you’re getting it or giving it, it’s sure to delight. Bonus: it’s easily dismantled, and can be washed in a dishwasher, should you be so lucky.

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The Brockton, $120

Calla Multi Tool

For the classy cannabis lover who needs help producing a pretty joint, this shiny little tool is perfect for shaping and packing a cone, as well as scooping cannabis and packing it into vapes and pipes. Chag Sameach!

Calla Multi Tool, $30

Torrch Mini Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer

This year marks the first Hanukkah when cannabis concentrates will be legal in Canada. Hit those fresh-to-market dabs like a real mensch with this portable, no-mess concentrates vape, dressed in seasonally on-point silver.

Torrch Mini Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer, $130

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