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7 Cannabis Products Seen at a Snoop Dogg Party in California

August 28, 2018
(Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)
Recently, I interviewed Matt Barnes about Smoke4ACure, his cancer benefit hosted by Snoop Dogg at the iconic rapper’s compound. There were performances, there were celebrities (yes, I saw Mike Tyson, and yes, I was afraid to approach him), and most importantly, there were various cannabis brands, products, and strains all over the place. If you’re in California, check your local dispensary for these products so you can party like the Doggfather himself.

Sticky Icky Cannabis

(Courtesy of Sticky Icky)

Sticky Icky is a cannabis production company out in California that specializes in high-quality flower and cannabis-infused syrup. While their syrup wasn’t available, I did get a chance to try their Gelato flower and it was super duper potent. They also produce other well-known strains like Animal Cookies and Blue Cookies. Guests were adequately stoned.

Find Gelato Nearby

Seven Leaves/Matt Barnes Pre-Rolls

Seven Leaves is a cannabis production company out in Sacramento that grows pesticide-free cannabis. They have a plethora of products, but the most relevant of them was their Matt Barnes line of pre-rolls: Wake-n-Bake, Post Workout;,Happy Hour, and Loaded Dreams. I power-smoked them all and found them to be a pretty good mid-level tier product. I’d say the most purchase-worthy strain is Loaded Dreams—I smoked it and immediately went to sleep on the plane ride back to Seattle.


Matt Barnes: From NBA Champ to Cannabis Hero

Banana Bros OTTO

(Courtesy of Banana Bros)

Banana Bros is a cannabis accessory brand that makes the Otto, an automated cone-stuffing machine. They were onsite demonstrating it and I must admit, it’s a pretty cool product. Snoop’s son would agree, as he was so blown away he said, “This the future right here, bruh.”

Chuuuch Cannabis Pre-Rolls

(Courtesy of Chuuuch Cannabis)

Chuuuch is Bishop Don Magic Juan’s line of pre-rolls and vapes. The product they were giving away was their 3-pack of hybrid pre-rolls, which were definitely an unnamed daytime strain as I smoked two of them and didn’t really feel too stoned.

Koko Nuggz Chocolate

(Courtesy of Koko Nugz)

If you haven’t tried Koko Nuggz, you have to ASAP just for the novelty of them. Koko Nuggz are chocolate disguised as cannabis nugs. They’re super delicious, and because they contain no cannabis, you can order them online and have them shipped directly to your front door. Just imagine if you could do that with a fresh batch of Trainwreck.

Find Trainwreck Nearby


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Kurvana ASCND Vape Pens

(Courtesy of Kurvana ASCND)

Kurvana is a cannabis company that produces a vast assortment of vape pens. The ASCND is their premium pen line, and it features many strains. I had the Cosmic Glue, a good product that gives you a reasonably big boost of THC.

Liquidology CBD + Kava Stress Free Shot

(Courtesy of Liquidology)

Marketed as a de-stresser, Liquidology CBD + Kava Stress Free Shot contains no THC, but is still a worthwhile product. It tastes so damn delicious, I had to go back for seconds. Did it make me less stressed? Maybe—it was hard to tell when I consumed it after already being high as a kite.

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  • 360dunk

    During the ‘stupid years’ of cannabis prohibition, Snoop was always very visible in his support for the herb. Bless his heart for having the courage to be one of the brave proponents at a time when our nation was told that ganja is dangerous.

  • Survivor 1958

    I live in MA and Governor Baker has not honored our vote. Marijuana was legalized two years ago and we’re still waiting for recreational marijuana dispensaries to be approved and to open. I was unable to renew my medical marijuana card so we are waiting (not patiently either). I miss my vape and the knowledgeable budologists. 😰😥😓

  • Survivor 1958

    Snoop when are you coming to the East Coast? We deserve some of that Sticky Icky too.

  • bobbyorr

    Now Being stuck in the midwest after 30 years on the west coast shows me how ignorance is Rampant and Racist, not only on Cannabis, but also on Politics and Religion in the bible belt.
    Very sad, it holds this country back due to STUPIDITY.

  • Muleskinnerslide

    I’m not seeing it. Leafly has hit a new low. We want educational info here, not Hollywood. To prove my point, you mention that this was a charity event, but never a mention of how much money was raised for the cause. Speaking of which, exactly how much money has Leafly raised for charity lately?

  • Muleskinnerslide

    Wow, heavily holding the people down by not publishing comments that speak the truth. Goodbye Leafly.

  • Jeff Polo

    Snoop when are you and crew coming to denver? Always wanted to smoke with you and dre. You can schedule a invatations only at the ogden theater or fillmore


    Not interested in Hollywood bullshit, or ads for products that are not available to 90% of us!

  • কোটচাঁদপুর নিউজ

    ilove this