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Everything you need to embrace ‘hygge’ culture with cannabis

Published on December 6, 2017 · Last updated November 14, 2022

If you’ve heard about hygge, the Danish concept of a cozy lifestyle, you would be forgiven for mistaking it with the lifestyle of a cannabis enthusiast. It’s about snuggling up and embracing simple pleasures (such as a fireside evening with your favorite indica), spending time with the people closest to you (think of the bonding power of smoke sessions), and savoring comfort food (as we all know, cannabis leaves you relishing that too).

If you want to throw yourself into a hygge lifestyle, there’s no better companion to do it with than cannabis. Below, find all you need for a cozy cannabis-infused winter.

In the Pines Candle by The Dank Crystal, $14

(Courtesy of The Dank Crystal)

The Dank Crystal makes candles “lovingly infused with the dankest vibes”—that is, designed to pair with all your smoke seshes. Featuring aromas of sandalwood, fir needle, and palmarosa that will transport you to a cabin in to the snowy forests of Scandinavia, this candle burns down to reveal a crystal beneath the wax.

Shop: dankcrystal.com

Half Circle Pipe by Yew Yew, $68

(Courtesy of Yew Yew)

These soothing semicircular pipes mirror simple geometric Scandinavian design principles—outfit your coffee table or cannabis bar with one, two, or more.

Shop: shop-tetra.com

Knitted Hemp Double Layer Camp Blanket by The Cozy, $179.99

(Courtesy of The Cozy)

A super-soft blanket is a hygge essential. Grab a good book, surround yourself with candlelight, and feel good about cuddling up under this sustainable double-layer knitted hemp throw.

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Shop: consciouswild.com

Blue Lotus CBD Bath Bomb by Rx Canna Care, $15

(Courtesy of Rx Canna Care)

A mix of organic Epsom salts, coconut oil, baking powder, essential oil, dried rose buds, and more, this blue-hued bath bomb will fizz its way into your bathwater. It leaves behind a purple amethyst stone, which is purported to be meditative and calming (just like candlelit baths themselves).


The Infinity Waterfall, $399

(Courtesy of Infinity Waterfall)

Designed for big and beautiful hits, this gorgeous feat of cannabis engineering turns the classic gravity bong on its head (literally). Its hourglass shape allows you to flip it over, and the cascading water within draws smoke from your bowl piece into the chamber, where it can then be inhaled. It’s the perfect conversation piece to share when friends join you for an evening in.

Shop: theinfinitywaterfall.com

Lines Wake and Bake Set by Paperclip Pottery, $100

How to 'Hygge' With Weed | Leafly

(Courtesy of Paperclip Pottery)

This handcrafted set includes a clay pipe and 12-ounce mug decorated to match with simple black lines on a white background. Inside the mug, a sunny yellow interior will cheer you up on even the grayest of winter days. Pro tip: Fill your mug with a cup of cannabis-infused tea, such as the Mellow Mint from Stillwater Brands (available in Colorado), and settle down by the fire to sip it.

Shop: paperclippottery.com

Diskreshen Rolling Tray, $79 CAD

(Courtesy of Diskreshen)

These smooth and sleek wooden rolling trays come in a variety of tints, so you can pick whichever color matches your vibe.


Oresund Incense by Norden, $20

(Courtesy of Norden)

Don’t have a fireplace but still want to pretend? Light a coal-black stick of this Nordic-inspired incense for aromas of pine needles and a wood-fueled fire.

Shop: nordengoods.com

Bring Me Weed Cannabis Socks by RockySocksShop, $11

(Courtesy of Etsy)

Among the coziest inclusions in our list of favorite comfy cannabis socks, these Bring Me Weed socks get the point across as soon as you put your feet up.


Top all the above off with the perfect indica-leaning strain for a night in—something grown conscientiously to ensure complete peace of mind. A few recommendations include Berry White by Sunday Goods (Arizona), Holy Grail OG by Flow Kana (California), Pineapple Kush from HiFi Farms (Oregon), or Rocky Mountain Blueberry by Walden Cannabis (Washington). Happy hygge-ing!

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