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Why you should be growing F1 hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds
Presented ByRoyal Queen SeedsPublished on October 12, 2023 · Last updated October 13, 2023
f1 hybrids
This article is sponsored by Royal Queen Seeds. Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

Check out what the queen of European seed banks is bringing to American shores.

Experienced cannabis growers and those just trying out their green thumb have reason to celebrate—Royal Queen Seeds, the legendary European seed bank, has finally arrived on American shores. RQS has been a mainstay of the cannabis market on the other side of the Atlantic for decades, where they’ve built a reputation as one of the most trusted and inventive seed banks in the game.

They aren’t content to just rest on that reputation, however. Even though Royal Queen has one of the foremost names in cannabis history, their focus is firmly fixed on what comes next for our favorite plant. 

Royal Queen Seeds are offering an exciting, innovative line of F1 hybrid seeds that set a new standard for what growers can expect out of their cannabis. RQS F1 seeds are reported to produce plants with far less phenotypic variation than your standard hybrids, with increased cannabinoid and terpene production and even higher yields when it comes time for harvest. These seeds will quickly grow into the crown jewels of any garden, from industrial farming operations to hobby growers with nothing but a grow light and a dream. 

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Royal Queen Seeds team of master breeders has shifted the paradigm of cannabis growing with this new suite of F1 seeds in strains. We’ve got a lineup that we can’t wait to talk about, but first, let’s brush up on our genetics and learn what sets F1 seeds apart.

Higher, better, faster, stronger

f1 hybrids
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

So what exactly is an F1 hybrid? Unlike a regular hybrid which results from crossing any two genetic lines together, a filial 1 (F1) seed is produced by cross-pollinating any two different “pure” or “inbred” lines. 

While inbreeding is generally to be avoided in general society, don’t worry—there’s no chance of F1 seeds going all Hapsburg on you. On the contrary, the inbreeding process creates offspring that are hardier and more resilient than their parents by reinforcing beneficial traits over generations.

How are new weed strains created?

A skilled breeder can manipulate the reduced gene pool to produce seeds with fewer variations between individuals as well, without producing crops full of clones with no genetic variation at all that could be susceptible to disease. 

F1 seeds are a familiar sight in other agricultural areas—they’re responsible for most of the picturesque produce populating your local grocery store—but applying this technique to cannabis is a Royal Queen Seeds innovation, and they have truly changed the game.

f1 hybrids
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

Thanks to RQS, never again will you wait the long weeks for your cannabis seeds to mature, only to find that what you’ve been growing isn’t quite the strain you expected. Royal Queen Seeds F1 hybrids produce a plant that looks, smells, and tastes like the genuine article.

Marijuana seedling and plant care

The cannabis growing experts at Royal Queen Seeds have managed to not only create a line of F1 hybrids that are more resilient and reliable but consistently produce buds with higher cannabinoid and terpene content, with faster flowering times to boot.

In virtually every metric that matters when growing cannabis, seeds from Royal Queen excel. Hobbyist growers and industrial farmers alike will appreciate everything that these seeds bring to the table, and while some breeders may claim they offer true F1 hybrids, only Royal Queen has the faith in their seeds to guarantee the uniformity and reliability that F1s are known for. 

Curious about what F1 hybrids from Royal Queen can do to take your garden to a higher plane? Take a look at these stand-out strains and get your newest grow started.

Royal Queen Seeds Titan F1

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

One of the most potent strains in the Royal Queen Seeds arsenal, Titan F1 is an autoflowering myrcene-dominant indica-like that produces buds with THC content that’s, well, titanic. Titan has a pedigree that includes Blue Dream, Sugar Magnolia, and Amnesia, a star-studded lineage that has been strengthened and reinforced by Royal Queen’s breeding techniques.

Titan reportedly has a sugary, citrusy flavor with a touch of lemongrass. Combined with Titan’s incredible potency, this flavor profile makes Titan a great strain to unwind with after dinner and the dishes are finished and all that’s left is to relax, unwind, and clear your mind. Titan plants will grow to around 65cm (that’s about two and a half feet for us Yanks) and flower in 5-7 weeks.

Royal Queen Seeds Orion F1

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

Just like the mythological huntsman who shares a name with this strain, Orion always bags a big prize. This autoflowering F1 hybrid from Royal Queen Seeds is one of the highest-yielding strains in their lineup, producing heaps of bold and beautiful viridian buds once it comes time to harvest. Descended from Blue Mammoth, Blue Dream, and Amnesia, Orion has a touch of CBG to go with its high THC content, leading to a unique stoney feeling and a fresh flavor.

You won’t have to wait long to experience that flavor either—Orion can flower in as little as 35 days and can grow up to 80 cm (32”). That means that opting to plant Orion will keep you stocked with enough green to make stargazing special for a long, long time. 

Royal Queen Seeds Milky Way F1

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

If you’re looking to start your own growing galaxy off with a big bang, then look no further than Milky Way. One of the first autoflowering F1s from Royal Queen, Milky Way started the breeders off right, boasting a complex mix of aromatic terpenes that result in a deep, dense, and dank terpene profile.

You’ll find myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene packed in these buds, resulting in a dank diesel aroma with notes of clear citrus. Milky Way has the honor of being the most aromatic F1 on the Royal Queen roster, thanks largely to its Blue Mammoth, Blue Dream, and Sin Tra Bajo heritage. Milky Way seeds grow great indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, so order some today and get lost in the cosmos.

Royal Queen Seeds Epsilon F1

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

Patience may be a virtue, but nobody likes waiting to smoke. Thankfully, that won’t be a problem when you grow Epsilon seeds from Royal Queen. These little rockets shoot out of the ground and flower in as little as 30 days, and that’s not all.

Epsilon seeds grow into short, compact plants that don’t produce much odor, perfect for anyone living with limited space and a roomie who may be sensitive to the smell of cannabis. Epsilon is an autoflowering strain descended from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia Lemon Haze, and Black Domina, with moderate THC and a terpene profile that features significant myrcene and farnesene and hints of limonene and ocimene.

Royal Queen Seeds Medusa F1

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

While you don’t need to worry about this Medusa petrifying you, don’t worry, she’ll get you plenty stoned. A true 50/50 hybrid, Medusa is descended from Sugar Magnolia and American Beauty, resulting in a best-of-both-worlds hybrid that smells and looks incredible.

Medusa boasts a unique farnesene terpene profile, with high levels of both THC and CBG, meaning it relaxes the body and jumpstarts the mind. Medusa’s buds are thick and frosty, flecked with deep oranges, and notably easy to trim when it comes time to harvest.

Medusa is also on the taller side, growing up to around 80 cm (32”) so make sure to give your grow lots of room to stretch out, and she’ll reward you when harvest time comes around. 

Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds and @‌butterflieslittlefarm.

That’s just a handful of the F1 seeds that Royal Queen offers, with even more slated to release in 2024. That’s not all, either. They’ve also got a huge selection of all sorts of cannabis seeds, growing equipment, merchandise, and more, all on their website.

They’ve also got tens of thousands of reviews for you to read through, in addition to an awesome content library filled with everything you need to know about growing and the history of cannabis. You can also follow them on social media to keep updated with any new updates that Royal Queen has in store. Happy growing! 

f1 hybrids
Image courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.

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