Appalachian Power Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I enjoyed this strain a tremendous amount. It made me feel a level of effect I hadnt in a very long time. Cerebral. Very nice and I truly underestimated it. Thats saying a lot. :)”

  • “keeps me energized and focused.”

  • “This is a great morning/daytime strain it won't send you back to bed or leave u stuck on the couch. It has a great flavor, sweet, fruity, with lots of earthy grape, & a bit of citrus on the finish. I get some pleasant pleasure at the temple, and muscle relaxation down the neck and shoulders and it's pretty clear headed and a noticeable boost in energy. This isn't a strain that u smoke before bed cuz your having troub...”

  • “Just got a sample of this at our shop in Mukilteo and love it! Mindfully stimulating and engaging conversations. It's a thinker strain.”

  • “Makes me congested”