Asian Fantasy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This stuff is great for gaming and watching movies, even maybe for going out. I was able to stay attentive and didn't fall asleep for once. The downside for me was the red eyes. So red I could hardly see any white and they felt like they were literally going to pop out of my head, still enjoyed it though. Overall 6/10.”

  • “Dreaming of potency and a Sativa that won't make you feel jittery? We've got exactly what you're looking for. Flavorful and smooth, with a gradual cerebral high, Asia Fantasy CO2 Crumble will have you feeling like you're on a nice vacation from anxiety and stress. Though it's exact genetics are a trade secret, this Sativa dominant strain most assuredly a favorite.”

  • “this strain smells and taste so good with a more sativa buzz to it”

  • “Takes over your brain almost immediately. Strong shift in perception. Calm, collected, and good-natured bringing a slight smile. A bit hard to sit still, there’s an antsiness. Almost impossible to think through cloudy, absent headspace, but thoughts do come - it’s just not easy to make them. This one is for relaxing, not work or trying to accomplish anything. Music can be enjoyably entrancing, but the high feels like...”

  • “This is a great Indica for those with body pain and aches. This strain also pairs well mentally for those who maybe anxious, nervous, or stressed. The nose nuances had a fruity scent with a hint of viniger. In my opinion the price was amazing where I am from here in the Coachella Valley. 8grams for 50. DVT.”

  • “it worked very well as far as my depression go❤”

  • “This is a strong and excellent strain. As several people have noted, it doesn't take much of this to have a serious impact. I vaped it at 360 degrees, 370 and 390. I recommend the lower temp for less harshness. The THC level in the batch I have must be at least 17-20%. The aftertaste is skunky and not appealing but that is the only downside. Some have said they could use this as a daytime strain, but that would dep...”

  • “it's a good and tasteful sativa not my favorite but has a wonderful and uplifting effect, I'm ready to see what the day has to offer smoking it. :)”