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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Argyle.

Argyle effects

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24 people reported 176 effects
66% of people report feeling relaxed
62% of people report feeling happy
33% of people report feeling sleepy
29% of people report feeling uplifted
29% of people report feeling focused
Dry mouth
33% of people report feeling dry mouth
8% of people report feeling dizzy
Dry eyes
8% of people report feeling dry eyes
54% of people say it helps with pain
37% of people say it helps with inflammation
33% of people say it helps with stress
33% of people say it helps with anxiety
Muscle spasms
25% of people say it helps with muscle spasms


December 28, 2015
Right now this is my fav. I use it for pain but love the pleasant mood and contentment it gives me. I sometimes catch myself smiling for no reason, which can't be a bad thing. No couch lock, decent motivation - overall sense of wellbeing. Definitely my 'go to' for an average day. Also for a person who doesn't smoke, and struggles with the taste of some this one is nice.
February 26, 2015
best strain for me. woodsy musty taste but very smooth I order it every time I place an order. very effective for pain relief and also for stress. doesn't knock you on you a$$ but still get a nice jello feeling. I recommend this strain for anyone who hates feeling immobile but still likes a potent strain. tweed does an amazing job growing this strain if you live in Canada.
April 29, 2016
Dry mouth
Received 5 grams from Tweed as a Medical order. This strain comes out of the jar in loose almost fluffy buds mid-green with some sugar leaves showing a dark almost purple-blue-green colour. The buds are trimmed okay, but not great (too many sugar leaves) The "5 gram" jar weighed in at 4.93 grams, which is within measurement standards for Canadian Licensed Producers. The flowers themselves break apart well and are moderately well covered in trichromes, not "Frosty" but the coverage is there. The odor upon opening the jar is notes of wood, earth and slight fruity sweetness reminiscent of dried plum, there is a definite musty character to the odor as well. The first draws of vapor give a woody/spicy flavor with some mustiness and backnotes of fruit sweetness, the later draws fade into a not-unpleasant biscuit/popcorn flavor. The immediate effects were clear-headed relaxation with a mild body stone and bled into an overall feeling of well-being. Definitely gives moderate dry mouth and very slightly dry eyes. This strain definitely helped relieve pain, cramping and anxiety; but was not as thorough as other, stronger strains. I would suggest this strain as a very good option for newer users who need to remain functional and alert as the effects are mild and the negatives moderate.
March 16, 2015
This is a very rewarding plant to regularly mediate with. It will keep you feeling great and not too tired. The high CBD effects are amazing and it really does an excellent job with the acceptance of chronic pain. This is my go to strain for all day use. I find I function well and keep up with all my responsibilities. Very nice grow from TWEED. Highly recommended.
December 12, 2017
This is actually the first bud I ever used with my prescription and it is still my favourite. I love the smell, and the flavour. I like that it kills my pain, but I can still function normally.
June 8, 2016
Dry mouth
OK strain. I am an insomniac. Got to sleep OK but it didn't last. Woke up 4-5 times during the night.
April 1, 2016
I went with Argyle+ by Tweed, a more potent strain than Argyle. This is a nice strain for those that like a nice dreamy couch lock effect. Great for just lazing pain free and watching movies or drifting to tunes. Very nice orange hairs throughout GREAT STRAIN
November 21, 2017
This is my first cannabis strain review. I am a medical cannabis user from Germany. I use Cannabis to treat my epilepsy, because even after trying 5 different medication, I still had bad seizures. I first tried to treat the seizures by my own, with weed bought from the streets, and it helped me a lot. Every time I had an seizures I smoked like one gram and I had no more seizures for the next 2 days. Then I asked my doctor because I didn’t want to buy shit from the street anymore. (Mostly I bought nice stuff, Grapefruit, Lemon Haze, some Skunk Strains, but also a lot of bad Weed). First we tried out the strain : Bedrolite, which has only 1% THC but therefore a lot of CBD. They gave it to me granulated, it was like dust and therefor not smokeable and it was just to „light“ for me. Now I ordered this strain Argyle and I have to say that this strain is very potent !! In my opinion as potent as some very high THC strains. But it makes you very tired, so in my opinion Argyle is not a strain for day over use, but for a seizure free night it is perfect :) does someone know an awaking Sativa strain, which is good to treat epilepsy ?
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