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Cherry Skunk reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Cherry Skunk.


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42 people reported 431 effects
Happy 78%
Euphoric 66%
Relaxed 64%
Creative 52%
Uplifted 47%
Pain 50%
Depression 45%
Stress 45%
Anxiety 28%
Fatigue 26%
Dry mouth 21%
Dry eyes 14%
Dizzy 11%
Anxious 9%
Paranoid 2%


November 27, 2015
This particular flower was grown locally here at my dispensary in Mesa, I have been liking the skunk strains lately and wanted to give theirs a try. The buds were popcorn nugs but for the most part well developed, very hairy with plenty of crystals and nice and fresh. After a fresh grind (which smelled wonderful by the way, like an earthy cherry aroma) and a few hits from the pipe this strain did what it was supposed to. Awesome pain and stress relief, relaxing but not sedating, leaving you energized and alert. All the way around this is another killer skunk, and a pretty decent local one to boot!
15 people found this helpful
September 4, 2015
A pleasant reprieve, Deep, moss green buds overrun with a tangle of orange hairs. Thin layers of frost give the impression of dew on a freshly cut lawn. A faint cherry/stone fruit scent can be picked up, but the smell is mostly earthy, and a little pungent. Smoke is smooth, with an interesting cardamon/star anise flavor that reminds of Indian sweets. (or clove cigarettes) It's an exotic taste that I became rather fond of. High is even, and mellow with a very easing contentment that settles in. Though indica dominant in genetics, it feels more Sativa. High seems to center in the head, and while it can be a bit dreamy, high is fairly lucid, and is great for getting absorbed in a project. Overall, while this strain might not make dedicated pot enthusiasts raise any eyebrows, it's approachable nature, and ability to be appropriate for a wide range of activities, or times of day make this an awesome strain for those new to smoking, or anyone who just wants a practical, day to day strain. Great with all your favorite things, or finding some space in between all the things that aren't .
8 people found this helpful
March 30, 2016
Life is a Bowl full of Cherries🍒!...sweet cherry size nugs, yummy sweet cherry taste! Dulls my hip-back pain asap, frees stress/anxiety, quiets mind, births creative thought and mindful expression. A relaxing body high assists meditation, enhances intuition, readings, body work. This sweet skunky strain is an afternoon delight... Life is definitely a Bowl full of Cherries🍒!!!!!! .
6 people found this helpful
June 6, 2015
you can taste the cherry on inhale, and both cherry, and skunk on exhale. Nugs are thick, and somewhat tight. Has a relaxing, yet focus effect on me. Starts in my head and drifts down into my body. This might be a good day time med for me, as gor pain relief, it's just taking the edge off of my S.I. pain. This will put a smile on your face.
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April 21, 2016
After trying 38 different strains in Denver Colorado this is our absolute favorite strain I we bought all the top dogs. Since the Cannabis Cup was cancelled and there was three foot of snow coming down we sat around for 3 days and basically reviewed all 38. This particular strain is very purple in color and has a menthol taste along with cherries at the beginning and a strong bite. Numerous people smoking it said after a couple hits they couldn't feel their feet or hands, exactly what we needed and I recommend it highly if you can find it
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January 8, 2012
-PURPLE BELT BUD- %Tastes sweet and fruity to the smoker but smells like skunk to all 2nd handers. $10/g @ MC
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May 24, 2013
Great cherry flavor with that skunky taste. It hits you almost instantly, kinda like a Trainwreck. Definitely more of a Sativa, I don't really get much productive done, but I focus intently on little tasks (like Leafly reviews and my mac and cheese perfection). I like this strain a lot, I've had 3 or 4 people tell me now it's pretty bomb.
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March 31, 2016
put cherry on a strain I'm in. This strain has a fruity almost flowery taste, very nice. For a night time couch lock check this one out, it will have you digging in the couch for the remote, but the remote will be on your lap...
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