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Electric Lemon G reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Electric Lemon G.


April 6, 2020
This is review is for Antos Electric Lemon from Herbman Coffee-like strain, effects hit fast and strong. Focused, a lot of energy and the most predominant effect is the emotional uplift. After 3 hours a relaxed state of mind with a lot of sexual blood flow. Smells and taste like beer with lemons on it, great strain, nearly out of stock on the dispensary :(.
February 15, 2020
CT Strain Name: Biscay I've only ever tried this strain using a Pax 2 vaporizer, I noticed it allowed me to stay more alert in the late afternoon while relaxing my anxiety and allowing me to accomplish my chores/tasks.
October 1, 2019
Flavorful. Powerful. Certainly a textbook Sativa. Deducted one star for potency. The medical effects have a quick half life for me, so I am weary of the 21% THC level on the jar. You can find this strain as “Biscay” on the CT MMP, grown by Theraplant. Certainly worth having in the daytime rotation.
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April 5, 2019
Effects are way off.
December 11, 2018
Good lemon fragrance. Relaxing
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December 1, 2018
how can you tell the strain name vs. the street name? is it just from coloring
November 11, 2018
Dry mouth
Gave me a slightly more anxious feeling than most strains, but still makes me want to not move.
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October 3, 2018
This is one of my favorite CT mmj/dispensary strains (biscay by Theraplant). Its really smooth for a sativa, and I'm not a big sat. fan due to them not always being the smoothest and also I get anxious from sativa sometimes, depending on the strain mostly(I dont think weed makes ppl anxious, I think some sativas can and on the street ppl have no clue a lot so they just think weed makes them anxious, I'm not going down that hole) but this has never given me any anxiety at all! I'm always in a great mood after seshing this strain, even after the first hit. I also love the citrus pops it has on this sweet/juicy flavor, the juicey-ness I get from it for me is most similar to juicy fruit gum but with these awesome citrus pops.
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