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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Malawi.

Malawi effects

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56 people reported 400 effects
Energetic 66%
Uplifted 58%
Creative 51%
Happy 46%
Euphoric 44%
Depression 41%
Stress 39%
Anxiety 21%
Fatigue 19%
Pain 19%
Dry mouth 26%
Dry eyes 10%
Dizzy 8%
Anxious 7%
Paranoid 7%


September 21, 2014
I grew African Buzz (a special selection of Malawi Gold) and all I've got to say is... I really, really, really like this stuff. It grew easily. Had a mildew problem. This plant resisted better than any of the other strains growing. While flowering, the smell wasn't too strong, pretty easy to conceal if you just had one or two growing at home. It smelled like lemon Pledge and Bazooka Joe bubblegum... it's a weird combo, imagine smelling freshly cut lemongrass while chewing on that powdery pink gum you'd find in packs of hockey/baseball cards... that's very close. Not really my favourite smell but I can see how some would probably like this a lot. Overall, probably among the best weed I've smoked. No skunk/cat pee smell in here at all. Very easy smell to conceal if you'd have to try. Very sativa effect after about 10 minutes what feels like nothing. At first, you don't feel very high... but it guilds and builds. I feel pressure behind the eyes and a dry mouth. Energized but also relaxed (not sleepy). This stuff actually does a good job waking you up... like espresso coffee. I do feel my heart beating kinda faster but it isn't bad at all and it eases-up after another 10 minutes. No paranoia. This stuff always brings me to a wonderful place. Makes me feel so empathetic, happy, a little silly, playful and giggly. There is lots of euphoria in this high... feels like I could burst out laughing if someone would do something silly. This stuff will put a grin on your face and it will leave you functional... but I know I probably couldn't drive while on this. People around you will probably notice you are high when you're on this magical stuff. This weed doesn't make me hungry nor does it make me horny HOWEVER I just know that things like eating would feel good... so would listening to music... dancing would feel quite nice when on this. As for sex, this stuff makes me feel sensual rather than horny. Yeah... makes you want to have that "tantric" sort of sex. Generally speaking... this stuff accentuates pleasure, whatever that pleasure may be. One thing I wish this didn't do so well is destroy short-term memory. It's a very "having your keys in your hand while you're looking for them... all while forgetting what you were looking for in the first place" kinda weed. Amazing!!!
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December 28, 2015
This stuff is excellent and a strong Sativa. Very wide awake which I love. I'm always tired. It made me realize again why Counting Crows is the best band ever. Very easy to smoke and I did 3-4 hits. More than enough. It's strong.
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March 13, 2012
A powerful sativa that looks and smells magnificent. The buds are dense and the high is very uplifting. Highly recommended for those who appreciate Durban or Snowcap. A sweet daytime smoke.
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June 8, 2012
I love the 100% organic Malawi with a passion! It is very energetic and produces a dreamlike high that leaves you full of energy and in the mood to get out into nature. I love fishing with this strain. Even after 10 hours of not catching anything, our spirits are still high and so are we! It has a sweet soft taste that can leave a skunky smell after burned. The high takes 5-10 minutes to come on, but then it hits you hard! From there, your head is in the clouds and life is good. Pretty much zero burnout unless you smoke a whole bunch to yourself. If you smoke at night and can actually fall asleep, you will be happy that there is no weed-hangover in the morning. You will wake up with no body heaviness and feel like you were sober the day before.
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July 29, 2012
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
Great flavor! unique! Euphoric! YUM!
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July 31, 2016
I'm smoking generic Malawi Gold (or what is called #1 grade) here in Lilongwe, Malawi. I must say that its better than any other strain I tried in Africa. A powerful lasting high that lasts 4 - 5 hours. Your experience will vary greatly upon your mood at the time of smoking. I recommend being relaxed. Procuring: Its not available on the streets, so you have to know someone who will sell you this stuff. Live in Malawi, make some friends, and you will find some soon. #1 grade Malawi is a very powerful strain of marijuana, and does give a very strong but pleasant "high", whose calming effects will last well into the next day. General Advice: Smoke peacefully at home and avoid public places (to avoid paranoia attacks). Also avoid mixing with alcohol, as things could likely get "unpredictable"! Overall rating of Malawi Gold strain: 8/10 My best strain #1: Idukki Gold (marijuana) (Kerala, India) My best strain #2: Afghan Hashish (hashish) (Mazar i Sharif) My best strain #3: Manali Gold (hashish) (Manali, India)
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February 7, 2018
Dry mouth
I HAVE FOUND MY STRAIN! I consider Malawi not so much a recreational herb as My Spiritual Ally From the Plant Kingdom. Malawi is everything you hope cannabis will be. Music sounds good, food tastes great, your bodily senses come alive and ordinary routines like stretching, massaging your feet and washing your face feel AMAZING. At the same time, your mind sparkles with curiosity and clarity; my first time out I was able to absorb myself in a creative project that I had been putting off for a while because I just wasn’t “feeling it,” but which I now was able to connect with emotionally and aesthetically. Malawi takes you to a place of 100% honesty with yourself — a place where you can look at your life without fear, shame or wishful thinking, and see clearly what improvements can be made. Malawi gives me the freedom of mind to dream big about my future, while at the same time giving me the clarity to plan, in zero-bullshit terms, how I can achieve those dreams. This is definitely a problem-solver’s strain (and probably also great for playing games of strategy like chess or go, if that's your thing.) The odor of this flower is wild, strong, earthy, mythic. Definitely smells like something that would grow in Middle Earth, Wakanda or in the magical forest of Princess Mononoke. One whiff of it and you know your nose is plugging directly into some serious Ancient Vegetable Intelligence. A very smooth, pleasant launch. While some strains might make you feel like you’ve been shot out of a cannon, Malawi lifts you up gently. After vaping a tiny amount, I felt like I was taking off in a solar-powered glider, easing out onto warm thermal updrafts lofting me up into a wide and welcoming blue sky. Shortly thereafter I had a vision of a female pixie - who looked like young BernNadette Stanis, (the actor who played Thelma on the 70s sitcom Good Times, whom as a kid I had a celebrity crush on) dressed in an amazing green furry faery costume, fluttering around me on emerald green butterfly wings, urging me to smile and relax. And I certainly did! I was suffused with a sense of warm, happy arousal which, as a person living with Depression, I feel rarely, and was most welcome. At the risk of sounding like a hippie cliche: I live in an apartment overlooking a park, and at a certain point around sunset I looked out at all the people jogging, strolling, walking their dogs, and I felt a crazy Walt Whitman-esque love for EVERYBODY. Cynics may snort at this, but if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. The human brain contains many programs, and one of those programs is a feeling of familial love for ALL your fellow humans. You don’t need cannabis to launch this program, but if you’re stuck in day-to-day stress loops, it certainly helps. Negatives: Cottonmouth comes on strong, so have some water or a tasty beverage close at hand. Your balance will be off so don’t try riding a bicycle or “bouldering” at the rock climbing gym. Incredibly, this was $10 a gram (the lowest price point) at my local dispensary. I purchased a few other “top shelf” strains (Golden Goat, Holy Grail) for more than double the price, but they did not compare to this humble yet mighty Malawi. Apparently it’s not an easy flower to keep in stock, so if your local dispensary has it, do yourself a favor and snatch some up!
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May 21, 2013
I have really enjoyed the Malawi Gold strain. It vaporizes nicely and has a fruity aftertaste. The energetic effects are more pronounced with a bongload, which nicely complemented a couple of hours speeding along the local bike trail. The thing I appreciate most about Malawi is that it doesn't leave me feeling tired as the effects wear off, so it's great for daytime use. It is just a tasty well-rounded bud.
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