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Northern Lights #5 reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Northern Lights #5.

Northern Lights #5 effects

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140 people reported 1000 effects
Euphoric 54%
Happy 49%
Relaxed 45%
Uplifted 42%
Creative 30%
Stress 41%
Anxiety 36%
Depression 27%
Pain 27%
Insomnia 16%
Dry mouth 32%
Dry eyes 17%
Paranoid 6%
Headache 4%
Dizzy 2%


March 13, 2013
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
Really nice, felt very dark, like a ninja watching my roommates from under the covers
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October 22, 2015
mm dank smelling, sweet pine, flowery, and a bit oaky! Packed 1/2 a bowl and I couldn't even finish, first hit got me high... very light and smooth smoke. Hits heavy, be safe when using this strain. Tastes like sweet pine, flowers, and mineral/dirt. Helped my tendon pain 5/5, dislocated ribs 4/5, neuropathy 5/5, scar tissue pain 2/5, inflammation 5/5, and I felt super chill 5/5, however it hasn't helped with mental anxiety or depression. This inspired me to try it with a flavored paper, I chose "Black Magic" flavor from Juicy Jay papers - 5/5 baby! Tasted like grilled fruits, it's so amazing... highly recommend if you like rolling joints - this combo was super amazing! Feels like a hybrid hit - some in the body, some in the head.
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January 22, 2014
I tried this for the first time a couple months ago and since then I've made it a point to buy this strain atleast twice a month. It is the best hybrid I've come across so far. I smoke it before work and it puts me in a uplifted mood. At night the strain puts me in a relaxed mood, ready for bed whenever I choose to. And last, this flower is very beautiful. It's very dense, red fibers wrapped around it, and the crystals make it glisten very nicely. I suggest this highly for an all around good strain
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January 13, 2017
Amazing strain. My absolute favourite. Great for depression. Personally, it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The colours are brighter, the sounds are crisper, all of a sudden life is okay and I'm just happy to be a part of it. It's great for pulling me out of a dark (or ambivalent) headspace. Also, one of the only strains that makes me want to be adventuring outside, rather than curl up under a blanket and eat snacks. Although both options end up being wonderful. After coming down, I immediately crawl into bed and it helps with my insomnia.
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June 19, 2016
I smoked some "Northern Lights - Five Star General" I bought at One Draw Two probably six months ago. My blood pressure went down from 160/110 to 128/82 within a half hour. Dosage was perhaps 1/20th of a gram. I was skeptical of all the reports on the Internet about marijuana lowering blood pressure because the legitimate medical web sites are not emphasizing it. So I bought my own blood pressure monitor and am experimenting with it. I am not and have never been on any blood pressure medication. Along with the reduction in BP, however, your heart rate will go up 10 to 20 beats per minute for about an hour. The blood pressure monitor showed both the increase in heart rate and reduction in BP as expected. If you don't smoke weed every day, however, it's been reported that your blood pressure will INCREASE for the first hour after smoking before it goes down. It only goes straight down if you're a daily smoker like I am. Smoking indica to help me sleep is perhaps the reason I'm still alive. I didn't know my blood pressure was so high, and also did not know I was lowering it every night by smoking weed. It's 12 hours later now and I'm up to 157/104 so I'll take another hit. Heart rate is back down to 73. Millions of people are taking blood pressure medications they don't need, they could switch to smoking Indica and indica dominant hybrids to reduce blood pressure. The pharmaceutical industry will certainly try to repress and dispute this information since it would mean they lose billions of dollars. Buy a blood pressure monitor and see for yourself.
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January 10, 2015
Dry mouth
High was very average. Nothing special at all whatsoever. I got this weed and from my local dispensary and it was "okay". In fact it was claimed to help PTSD and Anxiety, and yet had a short, minor, and very unenjoyable Panic Attack after taking first couple hits, once this was no longer an option I had to take a xanax 1mg football to calm down. After smoking succeeding the past insident, I was able to enjoyably get high off it, but still nothing special about this high whatsoever.
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October 18, 2011
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
Easily my favorite strand of all time. My top three are Northern Lights, Purple Frost, and Blue Dream. Gotta love everything about this bud.
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January 23, 2019
Northern Lights #5, Indica by Cresco, a Reserve ‘choice’, LLR cart. We know it, we love it, NL5 is a top-notch, heavy-hitting Indica standard. Myrcene, Terpinolene, Carophyllene and Limonene don’t have to work hard to grant you peace, calm, relaxation and happiness. 69.6 % THC, CBG and THCV along with notes of sweet, floral earth flirt with spicy pine makes Northern Lights #5 amazing!
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