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Rebel Sour strain effects

Rebel Sour strain helps with

  • 21% of people say it helps with Depression
  • 18% of people say it helps with Stress
  • 18% of people say it helps with Anxiety

Rebel Sour reviews

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May 19, 2021
This is one of the best strains I’ve had & even with being a heavy smoker this kicks my butt every-time. This strain will go above and beyond and give you exactly what you looking for in a Hybrid. Made me happy and gave me the munchies very good product! Testing at almost 29%
November 13, 2021
I'm 35 and have been a daily smoker since my early teens. Yes really lol. I've tried, oh let's be honest and say probably 500 different types of smoke over the years. From the guy on the corner to the best a dispensary offers. Rebel Sour 2.0, Modified grapes #6 and Slurricane are the best ones I've tried. If grown right, all are well over %25, currently have RS2.0 at %27.56 now. The smells are INSANE! Gives you a very smiley smile if that makes sense. New smokers, be easy. Old schools, you'll love a blunt to the head!
May 14, 2021
Rebel Sour or Rebel Sour 2.0 is a fantastic hybrid. ECSD and double OG Sour create a great uplifting strain that is a must try. Truly the best of both worlds with this strain. Created by RebelGrown who also does many other great strains like Lemon Sugar Kush, OG/Sour OG Chem, and Double OG Sour just to name a few. Highly recommend Rebel Sour to anyone looking for Sativa effects but with some great OG Kush features. A real gem. Uplifting yet chill. Anything RebelGrown is great and you wont be regret trying, it will become a regular in your rotation.
July 19, 2021
This is one of the best experiences ever. Experienced smoker. I enjoy many strains for different reasons but this one is so lush it’s in a class of its own. The happiness and content feeling is so body focused. Rebel sour replaces discomfort with what seems like a missing piece of my feel good system. It’s not trippy, it’s very focused and clear. It made me super hungry and enjoy every bite of everything… even water tastes amazing lol. I need weight so this is a good thing for me. Work or play for me. Got chores and some creative work completed with pleasurable moments relaxing so comfortably in between, I didn’t know what to expect, but this goes up there with the top names. Good for anxiety and pain.
August 2, 2021
it's an indica that gives you a "fizzy" feeling. relaxing and uplifting. pretty solid. A-
October 18, 2022
First off, this particular item I got at my local dispensary and it's a cross of ECSD, double OG sour, and Starfighter. It's a Sativa through and through. Very uplifting, gets the heart going, great for a daytime workout, walk, or whatever your into. Wouldn't recommend for those prone to anxiety, though it isn't too bad on that front. It's excellent at relieving symptoms of PTSD, which is why I'm prescribed MM. It's also got a very heavy diesel and earthy taste and smell, and is pretty heavy on the throat and lungs, tho I consumed via a .5 cartridge. Gets the job done In a few hits as well. Excellent daytime productive strain. Also great for pain relief, headaches, muscle cramps etc
August 22, 2021
Rebel sour 2.0- hybrid results of East Coast Sour diesel and Double Sour OG. Buds are light green covered in trichomes with small bits of orange pistils. Has a very piney, pungent, lemony strong diesel gassy smell. Helps your energy settle down, giving you a creative mind as well. Has a gassy sour lemon taste to it. Really nice bud!!!!
June 5, 2021
If you like sour diesel even a little bit this strain is a must try. For me this strain feels like sour diesel at first but slowly evolves into a chill full body stone. I’ve probably had around 20-30 strains or more at this point that I can recall and anytime I think of something long lasting this is one of the first that comes to mind. It really helps with anxiety/nausea issues or getting rid of the white noise.

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