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A very cool learning experience. This strain can get you higher than Pink Floyd if combined with a meditative peaceful state of mind. Its great for dealing with stress after work: if by nature your work is left brain intensive than I could see how this could be very distracting. This is more of a close your eyes and have a spiritual experience type of high: really more of my right brain was being flooded with dopamine and serotonin than my left... Not as visually crisp as some sativas (definitely not flooding enough of the regions of the brain involved in certain aspects of active visual focus) nor does it have much of a body buzz (not flooding some of the regions of the brain involved in body sensory input) although it does have heavy handed pain relief and a relaxing type of euphoria. This wont necessarily put you to sleep so id call it a hybrid too. Great for making love : definitely the red dragon is a love dragon.