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Sour Strawberry Diesel reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Sour Strawberry Diesel.


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34 people reported 267 effects
Happy 76%
Relaxed 70%
Uplifted 55%
Euphoric 50%
Tingly 35%
Stress 35%
Depression 26%
Anxiety 26%
Insomnia 20%
Dry mouth 23%
Dry eyes 8%
Dizzy 5%
Anxious 2%
Paranoid 2%


April 21, 2015
Whoosh goes the smoke into my lungs. Whoosh goes the colors around me.
10 people found this helpful
March 20, 2018
Happy / Horny / Euphoric / sensitive This strain boosted my mood and increased my sex drive. It made me more sensitive to touch and somewhat decreased my anxiety. The increased libido is important to me because my sex drive is artificially low because I’m taking anti depressants for anxiety. So far this is my favorite strain and I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it!
7 people found this helpful
December 21, 2016
the taste of strawberry with that added sour diesel that tastes amazing and leaves an after taste in your mouth for ages. clear head high which gave me great laughter watching comedy and great relaxation for my anger levels. could easily drift off and think up crap for an hour. not great for muscle soreness or pain though.
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November 17, 2016
recently obtained this strain and it is delightful. the buds are compact, glistening with trichomes and smell like an herbaceous strawberry jam. diesel aspects are clearly noticeable but the concentrated fruitiness is dominant. the taste, as currently being baked from a vapir prima, is smooth and reminiscent of japanese ichigo - strawberry cream. delicious. the high is both uplifting and relaxing. i have experienced absolutely no anxiety, paranoia, couch lock or any other downside. i was able to be hugely productive and, on another occasion, just chill, listen to music and hang out. this has already risen to one of my favorite strains in nearly 40 years of partaking.
6 people found this helpful
July 24, 2015
Tingly for sure. relaxed. a little bit more of a head effect, with time seeming a little less linear. This does make me randier after smoking it.
5 people found this helpful
April 16, 2015
Great taste and smell. Amends almost identical to strawberries but you definitely smell the diesel lineage. High THC strain with like .2% cbd
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September 3, 2016
This strain is dope! Exactly! Gorgeous, glowing buds ... Pipes me up ... Uplifting, strong, even understanding ... Opens one up ... Star gazing, sun lazing, a bit of both! Ha. Seriously; crisp crunchy delicately flowered plants, great to bust up, roll, effects take effect immediately and it's uphill from there ... Smells nice ... High is like laser electric energy of the soul, or something more cool even perhaps ...
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January 17, 2018
Today I am reviewing Strawberry Sour Diesel cultivated by High Integrity Caregivers. Strawberry Sour Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid the thc levels are between 26% and 28% and CBD 4%. It has a sweet fruity gas scent, the taste, however, is almost like a strawberry milkshake only with a hint of a fuel taste. This strain is said to be good for muscle spasms, inflammation, insomnia, mood swings, and chronic pain. Before I smoked I was at a pain level of a 6 it wasn’t too bad but I was nausea, I have a bad toothache, headache, and just really not feeling right. I smoked 2 hours ago and then again now and I was able to eat an egg and some toast and kept it down. My pain level dropped to a 4 and my bladder muscles relaxed. When you have interstitial cystitis the bladder can spasm 100s of times a day, it can be constant cramp with sharp shooting pains, or it can be quick consecutive spasms where it will spasm one after the other for hours rendering me unable to urinate or walk. To avoid as many of these spasm spells as I can I am sure to smoke every 2 hours and use my RSO daily for maximum pain coverage. My anxiety and stress levels are calm and I am able to relax and write with a little head euphoria and a lot of body relaxation. Strawberry Sour Diesel is a great daytime strain, the taste is right on point, a little over dry for me but great medicinal effects I give it 4.5 buds. This is a must-have for my daily routine. As a side note my husband came home and tried this strain and I could see him relax after a very stressful day, with each puff I saw him relax a little more. Thank you guys over at High Integrity Caregivers.
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