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Waipi'o Hapa reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Waipi'o Hapa.


October 27, 2011
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
One day, in the Waipi'o Valley on the Big Island, some guy in a truck gave me and a friend some pakololo in a paper sack he said he grew back in the valley. He threw in a pack of papers and some matches, and we shared a J. It was creeper, and when he was gone we were so high it was hard to believe. We walked down to the beach, and halfway there I saw a man walking. I called out to him, and then I didn't know if I really said anything or I just thought I had, and I got a little wiggy because he had to know we were blasted if I can't even talk, but then we were there at the beach and the waves went whoosh....whoosh.... on the black, black sand. And it was wondrously clear that the whole of creation was one beautiful expression of the divine. Woo. If it was this strain that guy was growing you gotta get you some. Aloha. :-)
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January 7, 2017
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This 100% sativa will make you feel like you can conquer the world (or your "to do" list). An uplifting, energizing sativa. Two 2mg puffs from my vape and I was good to go for hours. It didn't make me anxious nor did I experience any of the shakes, jitters, paranoia that often happens with pure sativas. This gem made me happy and awake. LOVE IT! I loved this so much that I milked every drop of the oil. Can't wait to try the flower.
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November 2, 2014
Waipio Hapa is a great yielding strain with ease of growing that makes this one of my favorite for indoor grows. She grows rather stringy for ease of light penetration. loves the nutes. And especially loves being put outdoors in full sun. " Be carefull as she drinks like a fish and will dry up quickly " the buds are of fresh cut lime aroma, not as dense as desired but cure rather nicely. Not a very resinous strain. The high is uplifting and energetic to a degree. very good for pain. appetite repressive, and great for social interaction. the flavor is kind of minty and earthy as well as a slight sweet flavor mixed in. a great slow washing over effect and long lasting with little to no burn out. AS MUCH FUN TO SMOKE AS IT IS TO GROW. ENJOY
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November 1, 2016
This strain makes your head float. No couch lock. I vaped 3 times after a 2 hour workout. A tiny bit paranoia. Harsh breathing in. Relaxing. Heavy eyes.
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January 29, 2018
So I know a guy that legaly grows cannabis is Mass. So as he is showing me all his bud, He shows me this Hawaiian strain. It wasn't even in a jar yet or trimmed. he picked about an 8 th of it right out of the black zip up tarp that he keeps his cannabis to dry. It just happened to dry completely that day. So I went home and trimmed it up. I took a medium sized nug, grinded it, rolled a joint and sparked it up with my girlfriend. Within 5 minutes, I was on another planet. My mouth has a sweet taste of pineapple. I looked at myself in my mirror for 15 minutes just staring at my beat red eyes. After that I did a lot of chores and ate too much food. I then went to bed and had some awesome dream. I have never woken up so happy in my life. The only con I have is I felt paranoid for a good 2 minutes because I didn't know it was posible to be this high.
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August 22, 2017
Awesome Hawaiian type with some energizing clean the house qualities. If you see it at least try a joint, its one of those special strains everyone loves and come on, its Hawaiian.
July 28, 2017
A true sativa. Most energetic strain I've tried.
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