Argyle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “best strain for me. woodsy musty taste but very smooth I order it every time I place an order. very effective for pain relief and also for stress. doesn't knock you on you a$$ but still get a nice jello feeling. I recommend this strain for anyone who hates feeling immobile but still likes a potent strain. tweed does an amazing job growing this strain if you live in Canada.”

  • “Right now this is my fav. I use it for pain but love the pleasant mood and contentment it gives me. I sometimes catch myself smiling for no reason, which can't be a bad thing. No couch lock, decent motivation - overall sense of wellbeing. Definitely my 'go to' for an average day. Also for a person who doesn't smoke, and struggles with the taste of some this one is nice.”

  • “This is a very rewarding plant to regularly mediate with. It will keep you feeling great and not too tired. The high CBD effects are amazing and it really does an excellent job with the acceptance of chronic pain. This is my go to strain for all day use. I find I function well and keep up with all my responsibilities. Very nice grow from TWEED. Highly recommended.”

  • “I went with Argyle+ by Tweed, a more potent strain than Argyle. This is a nice strain for those that like a nice dreamy couch lock effect. Great for just lazing pain free and watching movies or drifting to tunes. Very nice orange hairs throughout GREAT STRAIN”

  • “First time medical user and my first ever order with Tweed. Process was painless, quick, and long weekend aside, shipping was ultra quick. Argyle was the FIRST of 4 strains I opened and sampled. Buds were nice size, dense w a "dryish" look, but not dry at all. Smell wasn't oniony in my opinion, but definitely earthy.. maybe even soily? Then again, Ive been working in the garden all day, so maybe it's that. Dosed ...”

  • “Very nice strain. Relaxing, smooth and all around a great feel after about 15-20 mins. Even gets the arousal level up there, which is a nice bonus!!”

  • “Amazing strain. Very light euphoric feeling and a medium happy feeling. Would be nice to have more of a happy/giggly effect though. Great for relaxation and pain. It has a earthy smell and taste. Same strain as nordle. People report a garlic onion smell and taste, I don't notice that as much. This is one of my favorite strains now. Originally I was second guessing buying it, but now I'm glad I did.”

  • “Best sex ever.”