A term used to describe cannabis that can be grown, purchased, and consumed by people 21 years old and up in a legal state. “Adult-use” typically refers to cannabis bought for recreational purposes instead of medical uses.

“I just picked up my first gram at an adult-use cannabis shop!”

‘Adult-use’ vs. ‘recreational’

“Adult-use” and “recreational” mean the same thing: Cannabis that can be bought by adults 21+ in a legal state. the only difference is that some state legislatures use one term over the other in their laws.

There is no difference between cannabis products labeled with either of these terms.

The difference between adult-use and medical marijuana

Adult-use and medical cannabis are regulated differently depending on what state or region you are in. Medical marijuana requires as authorization from a doctor, whereas adult-use cannabis can be purchased by anyone over 21 in a legal state with a valid ID. Adult-use laws typically cap the amount of cannabis you can purchase in a day.

Depending on where you live, some medical marijuana laws allow for a person under the age of 21 to be prescribed cannabis depending on their medical condition. Authorized medical marijuana patients may also be permitted to possess a greater amount of cannabis, purchase higher potency products not permitted to recreational consumers, and cultivate cannabis at home. They may also designate a caregiver to produce or purchase cannabis for them.

It is important to check your local laws to understand how adult-use and medical cannabis are treated differently, as it varies from place to place.