Rokkaku Advanced Wax Atomizer
A group of differently sized atomizers. (Rokkaku)

The heating element of a vape system which turns cannabis oil into vapor and includes the wick and heating coil.

“The atomizer broke in my cartridge.”

How an atomizer works

Atomizers are built into vape cartridges. When the vape is turned on, the atomizer heats up to the appropriate temperature and vaporizes the oil in the cartridge. The vapor can then be inhaled. 

Atomizers are made out of different materials: cotton wicks, quartz, and ceramic. Ceramic coils have a wire wrapped around a small ceramic cylinder. These can withstand high voltages and have good heat retention. Quartz coils heat up quickly, but don’t retain heat as well as ceramic coils. 

Cotton wick atomizers include a coil of wire wrapped around a small cotton wick. The wick absorbs cannabis oil, which is then heated by the element. The drawback to these atomizers is that it’s easy to burn the wick. Burning can cause a bad taste and you may need to replace the coil.