A process that occurs in some cannabis concentrates, such as shatter and pull ‘n’ snap, when their normally translucent consistency shifts and “budders” into an opaque, waxy or sugary consistency. Auto-buddering usually occurs when concentrates are exposed to heat or humidity, but can also result from agitation and impurities in the extraction process. Concentrates that have auto-buddered are safe for consumption. 

“My friend was going to throw out this shatter that auto-buddered, so I took it off his hands.”

What causes auto-buddering?

Multiple factors can contribute to a cannabis concentrate auto-buddering, or “sugaring up.” Most dabbers recommend storing concentrates in a refrigerator or similar cool, dark environment, as exposure to heat and humidity, as well as oxidation, can contribute to auto-buddering. 

The cultivar used for an extract can also lead to auto-buddering, specifically, its terpene content, as a high level of terpenes is often more volatile during and after extraction. Agitation and impurities during extraction can also cause cannabinoid crystals to fracture and break down.

Should I still dab auto-buddered concentrates?

Auto-buddered concentrates are perfectly safe to consume. Auto-buddering does change the concentrate’s consistency, so dabbers seeking a specific consistency may not care for auto-buddered products.