Badder, also called batter, is a cannabis concentrate named for its malleable consistency that resembles frosting or a thick cake batter. High quality badder/batter is often golden or blond in color. 

“I love badder because it’s so easy to work with.”

“Why are there so many spellings of badder/batter when it means the same thing?”

What is badder/batter?

Badder/batter is a cannabis concentrate made with a chemical solvent like butane or propane that has been agitated during extraction and named for its resemblance to frosting or cake batter. It encompasses a range of consistencies, ranging from a viscous sauce to a wet crumble, depending on the nuances of the extraction process.

“Badder” and “batter” are alternative spellings of the same concentrate; it all depends on personal preference. It can also be called “budder,” which has been around since the 1990s, popularized by Canadian extraction artist BudderKing who brought it into the dispensary space.