A six inch golden fumed bubbler

A small water pipe used to smoke cannabis flower. Like a bong, it has a water chamber for filtering and purifying smoke. But it doesn’t have a removable bowl to clear smoke; instead, this is done with a carb. 

“My bubbler is a lot easier to store than my old bong.”

“I need some water to fill up my bubbler.”

What is a bubbler?

A bubbler has the functionality of a bong but in a compact size. Similar to a bong, you have a bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece, but bubblers have a fixed bowl instead of removable bowls typically found on larger water pipes. The carb is built into the side of the bowl on a bubbler, allowing the chamber to be cleared of smoke. Smoking from a pipe can produce harsh smoke that can burn your throat, while a bubbler cools down smoke.

How to use a bubbler

After filling the bubbler with water, place some cannabis flower in the bowl. Ignite the flower, put your thumb over the carb (hole), and inhale through the mouthpiece. After a few seconds, release your thumb from the carb, clearing the chamber. Most bubblers have a smaller bowl than a bong, making it a perfect water pipe for personal use. 

How to clean a bubbler

Bubblers can be tricky to clean because many of them are made of glass, small, and have no removable pieces; you will not be able to scrub the inside of it. The best way to clean a bubbler is by filling it with isopropyl alcohol (99%) and coarse salt. Let it sit for an hour, giving it a few good shakes occasionally—this should dissolve the built-up resin and leave the glass clean. 

Some bubblers are made of silicone and have a glass bowl. These usually completely disassemble making cleaning a lot easier. However, glass continues to be the standard for quality in smoking paraphernalia. 

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