Video: How to make cannabis-infused almond bark

Tantalus Labs
Presented ByTantalus LabsPublished on October 23, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Tantalus Labs almond bark

Cannabis cooking isn’t only for the party goers looking for a discrete option, but for the consumer who’s interested in wellness and conscious methods of consumption.

Tantalus Labs and Holistic Nutritionist, Emma Andrews, shows us how to make a superfood almond bark for those looking for an option that’s high in nutrients while giving a subtle hit.

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Here you’ll find out how to infuse coconut oil at home—Andrews’ carrier oil of choice when ingesting cannabis, as it’s a stable fat full of antioxidants. To infuse the oil, she’s using Tantalus Labs’ Skunk Haze in the Levo 2 oil infuser.

This balanced blend of CBD and THC has a rich, dominant terpene called “pinene” that’s reminiscent of British Coloumbia’s boreal forests, capturing the essence of its origins.

Acting as the base for the bark, almond butter is a high calcium ingredient doubling as a natural tranquilizer that can help to reduce anxiety and tension. A touch of brown rice syrup is added for sweetness that won’t spike your blood sugar, with sea salt to taste.

Combine that with coconut flakes and cacao nibs (chocolate in its purest form) for that boost of magnesium aiding in deep, restorative sleep.

Round up your favourite toppers for a “Build-A-Bark” that’s perfect before bed and share your creations with us…after you hit snooze a few times, of course.

Tantalus Labs
Presented ByTantalus Labs
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