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Dispensaries: Prepare for the July 4th Crowd

Published on June 30, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, a holiday dedicated to celebrating the many freedoms our country has to offer. For millions of Americans, one such freedom is cannabis; after all, what better way to celebrate the United States’ liberty than with some legal bud?

Indeed, cannabis is an industry worth celebrating, and many people will be flocking to nearby dispensaries to stock up on product for the busy holiday weekend. To help you prepare for the rush, consider these tips that may help you connect with your cannabis clientele on this special day dedicated to the stars, stripes, bowls, and pipes.

1. Strive for Balance, Not Excess

American flag decorations

July 4th might just be another American holiday loaded to the brim with light beer and charcoal briquettes, but it’s also a day of national reverence. Treading this line in a commercial space can get dicey, especially if the significance and importance of patriotism to some customers is undermined. Get festive, but don’t be patronizing. Hang your flags and banners, but make the relationship to sales a secondary factor. If people are showing up at your establishment, it’s probably because you have quality products and customer service, not excess amounts of flair.

That said…

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Creative

Blue Dream cannabis strain

If you have any red, white, or blue-themed strains (like Red Dragon, White Widow, or Blue Dream), consider showcasing them front and center or offering them at a special price. Likewise with any patriotic-named strains like American Kush or American Dream — a winking nod could put a smile on your customer’s face and get him or her in a positive mindset leading into the extended weekend.

3. Consider Offering Travel-Friendly Products

Pre-rolled joints

Many customers may be taking their products to barbecues or get-togethers, making pre-rolls and pre-packaged edibles a more appealing purchase option since they’re easier to bring to a party or gathering. Highlight any inventory you may want to clear out — infused lemonades and brownies are a fun holiday-appropriate bundle, as are pre-rolls and a lighter (they can be your “sparkler” special).

4. Find a Way to Connect With the Holiday Consumer

Group barbecue

Customers will be looking to you for guidance on products that will complement their weekend plans. Perhaps they’re looking for active, giggly strains, or options that will help curb their social anxiety before they head to a big event. Maybe a military veteran is looking for something to curb his pain or PTSD, or someone wants to pick up a high-CBD option to share with his grandfather at the family BBQ. Anticipate a variety of scenarios and make appropriate recommendations for your diverse clientele. The unique circumstance surrounding this holiday affords us a particular opportunity to talk liberty in a tangible way.

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5. Be Sensitive Towards Veterans

Military veterans memorial flags

This day has a well-defined military background, and many people celebrating the holiday either serve or have served in the armed forces, or they know someone who has. Remember that veterans are people, not a tool of commerce or a sounding board for annotations about military service. Be cautious about thanking veterans for their service—remember, we have no idea how veterans feel about their service, so it’s better to err on the side of caution rather than risk reopening old wounds.

A better way to honor these individuals is by making helpful product recommendations or offering a military promotion or discount. Just be sure to consider the delicate balance between appreciative and patronizing behavior.

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