Head shop

image of white smoke on black background
White smoke on black background

What is a head shop?

A head shop is a B2C business that offers lifestyle accessories for people who enjoy smoking, bubbling, and vaporizing natural materials at their discretion as adults aged 21 and over.

What to do in a head shop

Head shop consumers should be aware of all substance (including tobacco, alcohol, recreational cannabis, and medical cannabis) consumption and possession laws in their local area.

Are head shops places for children?

No. Head shops are not places for children due to the large amount of fragile, often artisanal accessories that are showcased in these spaces.

Can I talk about cannabis in a head shop?

Headshops are spaces where water bubbling or federally legal leisure activities like enjoying hookah can be discussed with professionals – but strict adherence to state-sanctioned language about substance consumption is often preferred.