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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Gifts for beginners

Published on November 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
cannabis gifts for beginners
Photos by Jesse Milns/Leafly

Now that weed is legal, the number of first-time cannabis consumers in Canada is on the rise. Luckily, so is the number of beautiful, innovative, and easy-to-use cannabis accessories.

Looking to treat a cannabis noob in your life? The gifts on this list make it easy being green.

Maitri Prana one-hitter

Quebec company Maitri produces all manner of lovely, handmade ceramic cannabis accessories, including this zebra-print one-hitter. Designed to enjoy a puff or two, it’s a gentle way to say start low and go slow, friend.

Maitri Prana one-hitter, $87

Tokyo Smoke burn kit

Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit

This starter pack can easily be stuffed in a stocking (and later, a pocket or purse), and contains everything needed to grind and roll a joint, including a cardboard rolling tray, Tokyo Smoke grinder card, papers (with filters) and an aluminum poker. Joint-rolling lessons not included.

Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit, $25

Enjoy Life rolling papers

New and returning cannabis consumers are often surprised at how much pot culture has changed since legalization, especially in terms of design. These papers from British Columbia’s Studio A-OK are a great example, with chipper messaging on the outside, and modern, patterned papers on the inside. Bonus: the pack includes filter tips, and has a magnetic closure.

Studio A-OK Enjoy Life papers, $8


AHLOT Discovery Series

Available in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, AHLOT’s discovery series makes it easy for cannabis newcomers to sample a variety of products and learn what they like.

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The Vol.1 box includes one gram each of Edison’s Rio Bravo, Saturday Afternoon’s CBD MediHaze, Symbl’s Solar Power, Haven St.’s No.402 Blueberry Kush and 7Acres’ Sensi Star.

AHLOT Discovery Series, $71.30

Tokyo Smoke Abscent Toiletry Bag

So what if they’re not quite ready to start carting around a sleek, smell-proof bag with enough interior space to hold accessories and a few strains? This sweet stash pouch also doubles as a practical toiletries bag.

Tokyo Smoke Abscent Toiletry Bag, $65


Pax 3 vaporizer

Only people who start smoking need to quit smoking. For a healthier beginning, Pax vaporizers offer smoke-free inhalation. Bonus: they’re stylish too.

Several models are available, but the Pax 3 is notable for its ability to vaporize flower (aka bud) as well as concentrates.

Pax 3, $249

High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

Whether they like it or not, seasoned cannabis consumers are used to cotton mouth, but this unfortunate potential side effect can be off-putting to new cannabis consumers. Luckily, it’s easily remedied, thanks to these literally drool-inducing lozenges.

High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges, $10

Tweed Mini Sherlock Pipe

What’s old is hip again, as evidenced by these streamlined, modern versions of the classic pipes of yesteryear. Is it easy to use? Does it look as nice in on the shelf as it does in a hand? Yes! Or as Sherlock Holmes might say, it’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Tweed Sherlock Pipes, $30

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