Alpha Blue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice, active Sativa high that you would expect from this Blue Dream/Sour Diesel strain. The budtender recommend it to me; and I would definitely recommend it to those who seek a smooth Sativa. Flavors were full and fruity. Creative head buzz that entices the mind, producing creativity.”

  • “My favorite Sativa. Feel happy and uplifted. Still have energy to do anything but just feel amazing and euphoric”

  • “AMAZING...upbeat, talkative, cheerful, giggly, productive... and if that wasn't's also a very, VERY arousing experience ; ) This is absolutely (so far) my number one!! Perfect for socializing, daytime, almost anything can be fun. One other thing I did experience is a bit of hyper focus on things but if you break that, I found I'd start doing more productive things. So overall this CRAZY GOOD! (Bonu...”

  • “Hands down the best strain for uplifting feeling. Never had anything affect me so fully. A+ would smoke again lol”

  • “definitely a goto sativa for creative projects. the combo of sour D and blue dream has a perfect balance of free flowing thoughts with a sense of urgency. Excellent wakenbake strain in addition to being a great uplifting party strain to keep guests engaged and talkative.”

  • “Have to say this strain is the BEE'S KNEE'S If you like being happily high for ages with out with feeling crappy this herb is right up your alley, taste and smells like heaven!!!! angels would blaze this shit . Would like to thank the good people at THC in Vancouver for always stocking finest quality of go check them out people..”

  • “Alpha Blue is slightly on the fluffy side, along with some beautiful brownish and redish hairs weaving thru the calyxses. When opening up the bag/jar, Alpha Blue has a faint diesel but yet fruity type smell to it. I am smoking a bowl of the AB right now while writing this review, it is simply to help those that find this information helpful to my fellow "Leafly-ers". I've taken 3 hits so far and I'm already feeling...”

  • “Definitely in my top 3 of favorite sativa strains I've tried. & it's true when they say it gives you a case of the giggles!”