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Blackberry x Blueberry reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Blackberry x Blueberry.


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21 people reported 173 effects
Relaxed 95%
Happy 61%
Sleepy 52%
Euphoric 52%
Hungry 33%
Stress 47%
Depression 33%
Pain 28%
Anxiety 28%
Insomnia 23%
Dry mouth 42%
Dry eyes 23%
Dizzy 19%
Headache 14%
Paranoid 4%


October 5, 2019
While on first smell, it’s amazing, I am horribly disappointed. I don’t know if there was a mixup or what, but when I tried this, it didn’t get me or anyone else who tried it high. The scent is sweet and intoxicating, with berry notes that come through the skunk. The buds were frosty and sticky, and I had super high hopes as I ground it, hoping for a relaxing high similar to what Purple Punch or other berry strains I’ve tried. Normally I smoke about a third to a half of a bowl depending on the strain. I smoked my normal half and didn’t feel anything. So I smoked the other half and still nothing. 2 bowls and half an hour later, and I gave up with this one. The taste was super pleasant, and I enjoyed the aroma, but I never have smoked so much at one time, and I didn’t even feel toasted. It could have been that this was a funky batch, or maybe I just am weirdly immune to it, but either way, I’d never buy it again. We also bought Tangerine Power and Tango, and both were absolutely fantastic, so I have to believe this was a one off.
August 18, 2019
Reminds me of purple punch a bit. Great strain. Highly recommended.
January 22, 2019
Good strain of flower. I always get those nice big dense frosty buds when I purchase from LivWell. I prefer smoking this strain in joints. It's not one of my favorite strains but I'll smoke this bud anytime.
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December 16, 2018
sleepy success 😴
December 9, 2018
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
Full body relaxation. Good for sleep but not really for anything else. I’m not an indica person anyway so I think that made me dislike this strain more.
July 25, 2018
Great taste smooth from the glass Great night time dank Wasn’t feeling no pain afterwards so it made the sore muscles 💪 feel better. Reminded me of “Hot Butta” N surprisingly it helped my appetite n put a grin on my face
1 person found this helpful
June 3, 2018
Dry mouth
Gold shelf from LivWell. I got an 1/8 from livwell n Cortez it's the only strain that cought my eye at the time. had to get a sample. the budtender was trying to give me the smaller popcorn nugs.. I had to get the big Betty nugs outta the stash. was good n taste. very Berry. but the bath at the time was too dry. I had to rehydrate with Integra Boost pack b4 I decided to enjoy. I don't think I be getting more.
April 27, 2018
Im usaully more of a satvia kinda a girl, BUT OMG NEW FAVORITE STRAIN, this is one of the best highs i have ever had, i am happy, and my body feels great, and im having a great time!
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