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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Blue Dot.


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33 people reported 250 effects
Energetic 72%
Uplifted 66%
Happy 57%
Euphoric 48%
Focused 45%
Stress 48%
Depression 30%
Anxiety 24%
Pain 21%
Fatigue 12%
Dry mouth 12%
Headache 9%
Anxious 3%
Dry eyes 3%
Paranoid 3%


March 6, 2017
Hello, my name is Dot. I have been growing weed in Humboldt County for over 25 years. I created the Blue Dot strain, not someone in Sonoma County. I crossed the Blueberry Indica with the Train Wreck over a period of 3 consecutive years. I used a blue sharpie permanent ink pen to label bags after they all processed and trimmed up. They were distributed in these packages which is why people started calling it Blue Dot. We didn't put our names on anything back in those days. The Cannabible 3 has the proper information. Thank you.
39 people found this helpful
August 13, 2012
Great day time smoke. Helps with PMS, headaches, back pain & nausea.
10 people found this helpful
August 23, 2012
I got this strain from ganjamamas in Ann Arbor. It was so uplifting and energetic, I cleaned my whole house. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a boost in your day.
8 people found this helpful
June 25, 2015
Def gives you energy & makes you focused & creative. smells & tastes great as well. one of my faves.
7 people found this helpful
April 9, 2016
I have smoked a lot of good stuff since the mid to late 90s in So. cal area but I would never forget smoking blue dot which my friend got as a medical marijuana in the early 2000s. It got me so high to the point where I felt I was smoking for the first time all over again. As other people have described, it is a very hard hitting sativa with cerebral and uplifting effects. I haven't tried since but I have never forgotten.
6 people found this helpful
March 28, 2018
I have to disagree complete with StormFeather claiming the strain was his/her creating by crossing time wreck with blueberry. I have tried what is labeled & for sale in AZ in shatter form Blue Dot. If it was TW & Blueberry I immediately would've been upset. Those two strains are so played out & I'm so tired of them. Even combined I just don't like it. The Blue Dot I purchased definitely has some sativa dominant effects and has an unique high, it was quite refreshing because lately I'm finding even new strains I try they aren't "wowing" me anymore. They still help my medical issues though.
5 people found this helpful
March 31, 2018
A very enjoyable sativa high that started with good energy and feel good then settled into full relaxation. Strong but not overwhelming; I never felt mentally impaired or blurry and was able to concentrate. When I settled into a chair and gave into the high I became very relaxed, even drowsy. One of the nicest. Very pleasant. Blue Dot hits the spot.
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March 1, 2015
This was an amazing strain! Blue Dot is that perfect daytime strain. It kept me uplifted and functional while melting my pain away. The long lasting high was also another + Stop by Fusion Dispensaries of Welton and try some for yourself. 💚🙌 (only a 20 minute drive from Yuma 15 from foothills)
2 people found this helpful
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