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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Dynamite.


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75 people reported 637 effects
Happy 62%
Relaxed 61%
Euphoric 50%
Sleepy 38%
Uplifted 37%
Stress 42%
Anxiety 36%
Pain 32%
Depression 28%
Insomnia 18%
Dry mouth 41%
Dry eyes 24%
Headache 12%
Paranoid 4%
Anxious 2%


August 1, 2015
Dry mouth
A severely overlooked must try. Fat buds whose naturally pale mint color is washed into almost ash white by a thick layer of crystals. Snowy orange hairs wrap around distinctly lilac purple, and cool pink patches. A prismatic beauty. Scent is a wonder. Grapefruit, and citrus, with grape, and mixed berry one is reminded of any neon colored fruit candy. Once its had time to air, classic earthy indica flavors can be picked up. Smoke is similarly pleasant, and tastes much like the smell, albeit a bit more resinous, but zealous tokers be warned, smoke builds quickly! High is easing, and really seems to make your troubles wander away. A care free, but somewhat couch locking strain, the more you imbibe the less likely you are to be into social affairs. This strain will shine in the moments spent in a two's company scenario. Best with hammocks, meditation, and for when the kids are finally in bed.
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April 26, 2015
This... is my absolute #1 favorite! DYNOMITE = LOVE-Y, CREATIVE, TALKATIVE, PENSIVE, AFFECTIONATE, HORNY, IN LOVE AS FUCK I just feel like listening to my husband and looking into his eyes and talking about deep concepts and about life and love and everything... and then i have sex with him a lot... ;) i also look forward to creative dreams... this is some DEEP stuff.. it's great!! Every part of my body feels reeeeeeeeally good and tingly and causes a LOT of arousal.. I feel like rubbing my skin on everything because it feels so good!! Not sleepy at all! Very uplifted.. talkative.. creative.. just happy!
12 people found this helpful
December 7, 2011
Dry mouth
Got dumped off my horse and was in major back agony. My local bud tender suggested this strain for pain. It was SUPER effective, strong, relaxing and put me to sleep. I'd say this worked as well as a vicoden! If you are looking for pain relief and sleep, this is your strain.
9 people found this helpful
September 13, 2015
♒About it:♒ ➖ Buds are dense, compact. ➖ Smoke is smooth (10/10), able to fill lungs to capacity comfortably. ➖ Onset is quick (7/10) as soon as exhale. ♒ Medical: ♒ ➖ Fantastic for severe IBS pain, it immediately relives it. ➖ Unsure completely of its medical properties due to dispensary & leafly have no strain chemical foot print at this time. ➖ Body sedation is in all major muscle regions (back, legs, arms). ➖ Great for arthritis (fingers feel sedated). ➖ Great for controlling Anxiety, depression, or any sort of psychosis. ♒ Effects of the high: ♒ ➖ Head buzz on-set within minutes of exhale, is sustained for the entire high. ➖ VERY easy to space out! ➖ Body stone seems to start frkm the head and feels like it starts melting downwards. ➖ Mental state : Get the feeling of being "Chilled Out", very mellow and eady going. You feel up for a good time... If only you could get up. ➖ Couch lock factor 9/10 not impossible but it will feel like it. Upper body stone and mental state of "don't care" are why.
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February 2, 2015
Dynamite shocked me. Not only was it extremely potent and fast acting but also had an unbelievably Long duration. A top shelf indica in the league of gdp, bubba kush, pure kush, and norther lights. Highly recommend for pain, neaseu, and insomnia.
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May 18, 2014
I suffer from chronic pain and phantom leg syndrome and this strain is amazing for relief. I would recommend this to anyone who also suffers from pain. This is one of the best I have ever had!
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May 27, 2014
A very nice strain. Almost immediately after smoking this I felt very dreamy and relaxed. After the head high came down a bit my mind felt focused and ready to go. The only problem was my body refused to cooperate. The head is ready and willing but the body just wants to chill and hangout. Kind of a weird duality....brain creative and ambitious but the body, well it just wants to remain in place. I guess I would recommend this for something very creative but stationary.
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June 16, 2013
Dry eyes
After smoking for years, i would have to say this is the top strain ive come across, only negative is dry eyes, but some eye drops will do you fine. Creates a great mood that is very relaxing and mellow. would pay top dollar for this
3 people found this helpful
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