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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Flo Limone.


January 15, 2017
Smoked the first bowl and felt the effects of this little sativa almost instantly. Don't be fooled by its small popcorn bud, this thing packs a punch. Euphoric, uplifting and happy high. Would recommend to a friend.
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May 12, 2017
was amazed by the high very soft and mellow for a sativa but very focused and happy. Great smell and taste would buy again for the above reasons
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April 9, 2018
really smooth body high but doesn't make you feel heavy
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July 6, 2019
First thing that caught my eye was the name. Just sounds fancy. The flower looked beautiful nice dense nugs full of crystals. Then came the smell... it.. is.. ORGASMIC. I would definitely burn a candle off this strain if i could. It makes me want to grow this strain just to have it smelling like it in my house. It has the sweetest aroma you can smell the lemony sunshine and a hint of citrus. It tastes like it smells it is just as delicious! After a bowl I would say any intermediate user would be pretty Stoned but for me it was just right. Its a headbuzz with a slight tingle in the upper back. I felt relaxed without the laziness. It made me feel good and stress free. I tend to have stomach aches and it helps reduce the uneasy feeling. It really is a good way to start your morning, evening, or even end the night honestly. Smoke it all day every day is what i would do. This is definitely one of my top sativas!
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October 14, 2017
Top notch Sativa. The flavors and aromas of this bud are stellar Picked up a full OZ of shake for this one after trying a pre roll. Still had incredible quality and flavor. If you see it and you don’t get it you’re missing out.
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July 8, 2019
This is my first review ever because this strain definitely deserves it. After only one puff, it quickly became a top favorite. The nugs themselves are a fluffy, dense, light green color covered in tiny white crystals. Even after breaking the nug apart, the crystals engulf the inside and little terpenes. The smell is definitely captivating. It literally smells just like a jar of lemonheads with a hint of earthiness. A very delicious citrus smell. It smokes very nicely and slow. I honestly feel very uplifted and relaxed when I smoke this strain. It's takes away my pain and sends my mind into a state of creativity. I get a little tingly feeling in the back of my neck/head sometimes. I have also felt pretty aroused multiple times after smoking this strain. It definitely has made me giggly on several occasions and the people who have smoked it with me. It says that it is a sativa strain, and I believe it while you're active and doing stuff (it gives me so much energy for work in the morning), but after a while if you're just sitting there smoking at home for example, your uplifted high turns into a mellow, kinda couch lock, sleepy mood. I have a strong feeling there are some indica properties in this. I would definitely recommend it for insomnia and anxiety and depression. I suffer from lack of appetite and this specific strain has given me the munchies every single time I've smoked it which is why its seriously one of my top favorites. Its great to smoke with friends, alone and with everyone. The one I've been getting from my local dispensary has been up at 27.17% THC so it's been hitting hard and amazing. Loooove me some Flo Limone.
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February 24, 2019
Fire purely energetic
July 5, 2019
Although I love the initial buzz, the flavor and aroma, I found coming down off this high made me very lethargic and sleepy, almost exhausted feeling. That part I didn't enjoy.
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