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THE REAL SECRET BEHIND THC - Back in the day, around 1990 to 1995, Weed didn't just get you high - there was 'Special' weed. If you could pay a bit extra, A reputable source could bring you dynamite. Not so much, anymore. Do you read how old brick Mex from the 80's Had 2 to 5% THC? That's a lot, let me tell you why. Today, those 30% numbers are mostly THC-A [THC-acid]. THCA is non-psychoactive, doesn't get you high. Delta 9 THC [in modern weed] usually ranges from 0% to 2%. THEY DID NOT TEST for THCA in 1980. Only THC. A 5% THC bud with 10% THCA will get you FAR and away. A 1% THC bud with 23%THCA is medical, and will get you buzzed. Mexican brick, on average, in 1989 Was 5x stronger than current 'Medical' marijuana. Nuff said. JS

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