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Sequoia Strawberry reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Sequoia Strawberry.


November 14, 2016
BAM does it again. 28.5% with a scent of strawberry and pine that fills the room and sticks in your nose. A taste similar to the smell that vaporizes to a thick vapor that isn't too rough, but coats your mouth. The taste alone has me coming back, but this strain is a complete package. A slightly energetic and euphoric high slowly kicks in and leads to a sense of comfort and relaxation, but this strain definitely shows its sativa side and is a great daytime medicine. Also seems to be a bit hard to find, so I suggest scooping it up when available. The flower is pretty dense and kiefy, and is a big sticky when broken up. Some light pain is under control, but not completely masked like some indica strains. Lastly, appetite does not seem to be increased with this strain, so I personally prefer it as an after-meal choice that gets you up and going but still leaves you down to earth and relaxed. A top shelf/ go to strain for this cannabis cabinet.
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March 18, 2017
I love this strain. I've been hesitant about trying sativa strains since I've tried Jack Herrer. Don't get me wrong, I like Jack. However, the strain causes my chronic pain to worsen so it's a no bueno for me. Strawberry sequoia, on the other hand, is marvelous!!! Incredibly uplifting. Helps me to get motivated and moving so I can be productive and focused without the exacerbated pain.
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December 14, 2017
PHENOMENAL SATIVA It doesn't give me such an energetic buzz as it helps me get motivated.... hard to explain. That taste is amazing in concentrate form. I'm glad I got the highest tier available for this strain, it tastes like Strawberry's n cream. Lasted about 3 hours. Doesn't flare up any anxiety, gives me nothing but optimism and smiles.
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January 25, 2017
this strain is rather soothing electric in the way it stimulates the senses
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November 18, 2016
One of my daytime faves. If I need to get stuff done this is my go to with its smooth strawberry flavor as you take a draw to it's instant lung and head expansion to a strawberry lip balm aftertaste.
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December 21, 2016
I love this strain for pre workout.
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January 19, 2017
I love the high, has a wonderful taste. Does not make you jittery.
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May 23, 2018
Taste delicious and smells Devine. I have an extremely rough day and with minutes my pain and inflammation more bearable. I’m not getting any of the negative side effects. So I’m not sure who label the dizzy and the paranoia. I’m feeling good.
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