8 Ball Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First time smoking the 8Ball...I shouldn't have loaded such a fat bowl. I got couched quick and couldn't move for about an hour. It's the best body high I've had.”

  • “Has that immediate, in your face, calming effect. Clears your mind effectively allowing you to relax on a much deeper level than any other strain I've tried to this point. Helped wonderfully for my anxiety, didn't leave me feeling depressed as some heavy indica strains tend to. Very potent and medicinally beneficial strain for pain relief, anxiety, and I'd like to guess many other ailments due to the relatively high ...”

  • “Grew my own plant outdoors, the yield was about 360 pounds, and had real nice dense buds. Its a very uplifting high! And also an extremely present body high. Its an high that leaves you craving for amounts of food beyond reason :) its a real couch locker and a pretty good pain reliever, also helps real good with anxieties and stress. And helped me real good with my insomnia. Overal great bud! Nice taste!! Definitely...”

  • “8b is a really energetic high very enjoyable all day good for doing things and to have couch lock by the end of the day”

  • “8 Ball Kush is a great name for this strain, because once it's hit, it's game over. This is a true indica strain, heavy and body dominant. 8 Ball's effect is not cerebral stimulating or intense, but the body high could be likened to intensified gravity. This strain will most likely give you couch-lock; the blissful, lethargic feeling when it seems like your spine is being gently tugged into the loving embrace of y...”

  • “Pretty heavy hitter. Little goes a long way definitely. Made me pretty tired at any time of the day. Mild munchies. Only real negative is can give me a headache if I smoke too much.”

  • “First time growing 8 ball kush. 11 weeks from seed, SOG doing very well. Smells very sweet, the buds are forming nicely. I can tell this one will be killers!!”

  • “short plant lots of branches great for sea of green not the tastiest of kush but quite strong”