Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis-Loving Dad

Published on June 11, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas for marijuana loving dads include the Apothecarry humidor.
The Apothecarry humidor upgrades dad’s natty cannabis drawer for modern times. (Courtesy of Apothecarry)

A great many dads have been smoking cannabis since before you were alive. Encountering families with two or three generations of cannabis experience isn’t uncommon on the West Coast, and integrating the now-legal plant into traditional celebrations opens up new opportunities to connect.

For fathers who love gadgets, there’s stylish vaporizers for discreet use on the golf course.

Maybe your dad used to smoke, but quit for a long time, or maybe he’s recently gotten curious about the health benefits as age-related issues have manifested. As an adult hoping to bond with your dad over a shared joint, it can still feel awkward to bring up cannabis consumption, but reintroducing your pop to new products and delivery methods will help him stay with the times and learn something new.

For fathers who love gadgets, there’s stylish vaporizers for discreet use on the golf course. If dad likes to putter around in the yard, maybe he’d be interested in adding a few cannabis plants to the tomato patch. Introduce soothing topicals and non-intoxicating CBD products to dads who don’t want to get high.

Most importantly, seek out a quiet moment to share your appreciation for your dad’s love and support, and let him know that you care about his health. Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol, and using the plant fights inflammation while supplementing the endocannabinoid system. It’s an important tool for helping people get the most out of life as they age.

There’s a whole new world of cannabis to explore together, so get your dad into a dispensary to experience legal weed, or delight him with a gift that shows him a different side of the plant altogether.

Hanu Stone Vape Pod System

Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas for marijuana fans include the Hanu Stone.

The Hanu Stone fits nicely in a polo shirt pocket. (Courtesy Hanu Labs)

The hottest new innovation from the team at Vapexhale, the sleek Hanu Stone is simple to use and perfect for new users of cannabis concentrates. Its distinctive design makes the Stone into a conversation piece, with pre-filled pods of premium cannabis concentrate delivering a soothing high.

With its long battery life, this vaporizer is highly portable. The ceramic atomizer is designed to triple the amount of available surface area compared to a standard vape pen atomizer, enabling the user to conjure up large clouds of vapor that more closely imitate the act of smoking. Currently, a few California partners have signed up to make pods for this inventive vaporizer, including Beezle, ButterBrand, Eel River Organics, Eve Farms, and Rosette Wellness, with more deals in the works to add additional providers.

Price: $70

Otto Joint Roller

If your dad likes joints but hates rolling, the Otto is a godsend. Packs of prerolls are more expensive than the equivalent amount of cannabis in flower form, so the Otto pays for itself over time. This ingenious device automatically grinds and fills a cone in 20 seconds, in essence rolling a joint for you!

For people with arthritis, rolling can be difficult, and for those who have never mastered the art of crafting a perfect cone, the Otto removes any anxiety about sharing a crooked joint. Otto’s automatic milling technology senses when the herb is dry or more sticky, adjusting accordingly for evenly ground cannabis every time. Eliminate annoying canoeing caused by uneven rolling and air pockets, and impress friends with professional-quality prerolls made from your favorite cannabis varieties.

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Price: $129

Pax Era and Pods

Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas for marijuana fans include the Pax Era with cannabis pods.

The Pax Era is a cousin to the wildly popular Juul vape. (Courtesy of Island Cannabis)

Popular for its long battery life and robust vapor, the Pax Era has become the leading platform for disposable vaporizer pods, with over 500 different pods and 50+ extract partners across 13 states. In California, look for pods from Island Cannabis Co., filled with completely solvent-free cannabis distillate from specific strains. Choose from a range of different flavors including Blackberry OG, Tangie Sap, Lemon Wreck, Hashberry, or Mango Haze.

Easy to use, the Pax Era is a slim vape that improves upon many standard vape pens with a solid, leak-free cartridge design. You can even have the Pax Era engraved with a heartwarming message or simply add your dad’s name in case it gets lost. For tech-loving dads, the accompanying Pax app allows them to precisely control the dose and temperature setting on the device, letting dad dial in an amount of vapor that’s “micro, small, medium, or large” depending on his tolerance.

Price: $30 for the vaporizer, $50 to $60 for pods

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Marijuana Garden Saver by Ed Rosenthal

If your dad has a green thumb and loves weed, chances are he’s tried to grow the plant at some point in his life with varying degrees of success. Growing your own cannabis is a fun hobby that can result in a hefty harvest at reduced prices compared to purchasing dispensary flowers. Plus, watching little sprouts mature into luscious, giant cannabis trees is an incredibly rewarding experience that puts the gardener in touch with the resulting harvest in a very special way.

For fathers who like to garden, this book is a valuable timesaver, helping to diagnose various problems with plants, like pests, environmental stress, disease, or nutrient imbalances. Color photos make diagnosing problems easy, and catching a potential issue early saves ailing plants. Order an autographed copy direct from legendary cultivator Ed Rosenthal himself for an added bonus!

Price: $24.95

Omura Flower Vaporizer

Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas for marijuana fans include the Omura flower vape cart system.

Flower cartridges for the Omura are just beginning to hit the market. (Courtesy of Omura)

This new device vaporizes work with disposable cartridges of whole flower, not extracts, and is designed to release cannabinoids and terpenes in their purest forms for inhalation that’s gentle on the throat and lungs. Utilizing the entourage effect is the core concept behind this vaporizer, which means that the entire symphony of hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes found within cannabis flower combine in unique ways to deliver medicinal benefits.

The entourage effect: How cannabis compounds may be working together

By developing a system that maintains the integrity of the full spectrum flower, you get more of a realistic smoking experience compared to the isolated extracts found in most distillate cartridges. The Omura automatically adjusts its heating element to neither undercook, nor burn cannabinoids and terpenes, thus maximizing the entourage effect. Taste the true flavor of your flowers and get every little bit of goodness out of this valuable medicine.

Price: $99.99

Apothecarry Locking Humidors

Keep the grandkids out and the flavor in! These beautifully crafted cases serve as humidors that preserve the freshness of cannabis while also securing it with a dual combination and key lock. A great gift for dads who appreciate connoisseur cannabis, these humidors also prevent kids from accessing their stash.

Made from alder hardwood, airtight Apothecarry cases store herb in two separate sections, with one part to hold jars of flowers and extracts and a separate side that holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes, and vaporizers. Specially designed to keep light and air from degrading your weed, Apothecarry cases include up to four jars that regulate humidity to 62% via Boveda Humidipacks, ideal for maintaining the unique terpenes within your cannabis products. From the low-odor wood of the box, to the airtight gaskets found on the food grade strain jars, to the silicone-coated nonstick dab jars, Apothecarry cases keep herb and extracts as fresh as the day they were purchased.

Price: $159 to $299

How do you make Father’s Day special with your canna-dad? Share in the comments below.

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