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Celebrate Your Dad With a Cannabis-Infused Father’s Day

Published on June 14, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The role of “father” comes in many shapes and sizes, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the one who guided you into adulthood. But if your dad is anything like mine, he’s impossible to shop for. Thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for cannabis-friendly pops. Spend the day celebrating your dad with our infused Father’s Day guide.Pick Up Dad's Favorite StrainHere’s our suggestion for a great day, with the strains and a products to match.

Morning: Have an Energizing AM


Greet your dad in the AM with a steaming mug of coffee, his favorite energizing strains, and a plan to get moving.

Best Morning Strains

Durban Poison

You can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true Durban Poison. A beast in its own right, sweet notes accent an energetic lift. Light one up with your pop and you won’t want to wait to get active.

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Lemon Haze

Forget lemon water in the mornings and reach for a nug of citrusy Lemon Haze. Your dad will enjoy the elevating effects of this bright and buzzy strain.

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Best Morning Products

If your dad’s not much of a morning toker, consider grabbing these infused products without all the smoke.

Roastmaster’s Blend Bottled Coffee by Ganja Grindz Coffee Company

Coffee connoisseurs will love this bold blend of Columbian beans. Bonus? It’s roasted locally in each location, fair trade, and shade grown. Each 8oz bottle of Roastmaster’s Blend Bottled Coffee from Ganja Grindz Coffee Company is packed with 75mg THC, so split the lot with your dad for an especially uplifting cup o’ joe.

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Patterned Crew Socks by Leafly

Chilly mornings call for cozy gear. Nab a pair of Leafly’s Patterned Crew Socks for dads who like to rep their favorite plant. They’ll even look good when he breaks out the sock-to-sandal combo.

Price: $10

Available in: Nationwide

Afternoon: See a Matinee or Head Outside


Summertime blockbusters are rolling in, so beat the evening rush and take your dad to the movies. Not a fan of the big screen? Then cheer on your local baseball team or check out his favorite hike.

Cannabis in the great outdoors: Tips, tricks, and advice for hiking, backpacking, and more

Best Afternoon Strains


Euphoria and creativity lie in fresh nugs of cerebral Trainwreck—your dad will feel a rush of happiness with every hit. This is the strain of choice for uplifting movies or gorgeous nature views.

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Jillybean is an excellent choice for connecting. Split a bowl loaded with this sweet and tropical strain and you and your dad will form wonderful memories talking about anything and everything.

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Best Afternoon Products

CBx Sciences Intensive Salve by Evolab

Packed with healing cannabinoids including the anti-inflammatory CBG, Evolab’s CBx Sciences Intensive Salve will take care of all your father’s aches and pains. Pack it up for your next hike.

Price: $40

Available in: Colorado

EcoStash by Stashlogix

Complete with combination lock, stash journal, OdorPax, and much more, the EcoStash bag by Stashlogix lets your dad take his favorite strains and products anywhere he pleases.

Price: $64

Available in: Nationwide

Evening: Relax at Home With Infused Nosh


Dad may appreciate a quiet night in with family. Consider whipping him up an infused meal (bonus points if it includes our mouthwatering infused bacon recipe) and take it easy with his favorite Netflix series.

Best Evening Strains

Granddaddy Purple

Keep it classic with the heavyweight favorite Granddaddy Purple. Euphoria and relaxation meld into one; settle into the couch after dinner, grab a couple pints of ice cream, and spark one up.

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Bubba Kush

Quiet joy follows the sweet flavors in Bubba Kush. A true relaxant, your dad will drift off to sleep once the effects of this popular strain home in.

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Best Evening Products

Tea Pot Chamomile Lavender Peppermint Tea by Honey Pot

The ultimate relaxation product, Honey Pot’s delicious Tea Pot Chamomile Lavender Peppermint Tea combines chamomile and lavender with 25mg CBD to soothe his aches and pains throughout the night.

Price: Varies by size

Available in: California

Double Bowl Glass Owl Pipe by Stash Lab Technologies

Night owl fathers will love this unique Double Bowl Glass Owl Pipe from Stash Lab Technologies. With two bowls for a seriously powerful hit, he’ll keep this one on hand for years.

Price: $69.99

Available in: Nationwide

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